How Does Carbon Fiber Block RFID?

Identity theft is one of the biggest challenges of the internet age, but it’s no longer just something that happens to elderly folks over the phone. Thieves are becoming more adaptive and are exploiting a technology that almost everyone has in their pocket: RFID.

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology that exists in most ID cards, debit cards, credit cards, and just about anything that can be scanned contactlessly. Though this advancement in payment technology has made transactions faster and easier, it has also opened up a new opportunity for identity theft.


What does an RFID card look like?

RFID chips can be found in all types of cards and IDs, from credit cards to passports. While the only fool-proof way to know is by contacting your card provider, there are some other ways to find out:

  • Is your card contactless? Then it’s most likely RFID.
  • Does your card have the RFID symbol on it? It looks like a wave made of concentric circles.

If you still aren’t sure whether a card of yours is RFID enabled or not, better to err on the safe side and protect it anyways. Find the best styles of RFID-proof wallets here.


How do thieves use RFID?

Thieves no longer have to physically steal your wallet to get at the cards inside. They use small handheld devices to skim the data off cards. Once they have the data stored inside, they can use a process called “cloning” to create copies of your card. This is most likely to happen in crowded, public spaces like busses, trains, or any tourist location. Therefore it is particularly important to protect your RFID cards when traveling.


Does carbon fiber block RFID theft?

Ekster has revolutionized the way we protect our cards with the new 3K carbon fiber wallet. Just like when calls don’t work in an elevator, carbon fiber is made from woven metal that blocks radio waves. When an RFID card is inside of a carbon fiber wallet it becomes invisible to skimmers as the radio waves cannot penetrate the wallet’s material.


Not only is 3K carbon fiber RFID-proof, it also has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any material. Meaning, it’s 10 times stronger than steel and 5 times lighter than steel.

In terms of protecting your cards, physically and digitally, there is no better choice than a carbon fiber wallet. RFID-proof, weather-reistant, incredibly strong, and very lightweight, this material offers the best protection and style.


The Ekster 3K Carbon Fiber Cardholder also offers quick card access at the click of a button saving you from ever fumbling at checkout again. And you can pair it with a wallet tracker card to make it unlosable. Get yours today.

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