Discover the Finder Card

Never lose your gear.

A revolution in item tracking - this credit card-sized Finder Card works with the Apple® Find My® network to make your belongings unlosable. Grab yours now while early access lasts.

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Early access

How it works


Ring Your Finder Card

Ring it from your iphone up to 300 fit away and hear where your item is hiding with the loud 75 dB ringer .Or simply ask Siri to do it for you.


See Location

See the tracking device's map location on your iPhone and find your last item anywhere in the world with the global Apple Find My network.


Get a Notification

Never leaves your bag, wallet, or passport behind.You'll get notification the moment you move too for away from your tracker.

How it works

1Charge Lasts 6 Months

Buy it once and Keep your items safe forever.Finder Card charging code included.

Built to Last

Water Resistant & Durable

Don't worry about getting caught in the rain or accidental spills.The Finder Card has an IPX5 water-resistant rating.

Item Sharing

Share with 5 People

Securely share your Finder Card's location with up to 5 people and rest assured that the advanced encryption shops anyone else from tracking it.

Can't See It?

You'll Hear It

Equipped with a loud 75 dB ringer, use Bluetooth to ring your Finder Card from up to 300 ft(90 m) away.

Get Your Finder Card Now

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