7 Reasons Why You Need an Ekster Wallet
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Ekster Wallet

1. Saves you time

One easy click and bam, everything in your wallet is visible. This is ideal for fast check out, easily checking that you have the right cards with you and having everything organized.

Ekster Wallet

2. Impossible to lose

We can’t believe someone didn’t think of this sooner: a trackable wallet? No-brainer! Ekster developed a solar-powered tracker that allows you to track your wallet with your phone, and ring it so it’s easier to find.

Ekster Wallet

3. Made with sustainable leather

You can rest easy knowing that the leather to make your wallet is the most environmentally sustainable option out there. The best part? The leather actually looks better as it ages.

Ekster Wallet

4. Protects what’s important

Nowadays, someone doesn’t have to steal your wallet to get at what’s inside of it. Wireless payments that speed up our life also give thieves an easier way to steal your information. Luckily, this wallet makes that impossible with RFID protection.

Ekster Wallet

5. Everyone’s obsessed

Business Insider has called them the “best smart wallet for most people” in 2020. Forbes, Financial Times, CNN, NBC - people can’t stop talking about how much sense this wallet makes.

Ekster Wallet

6. Globally backed

Ekster raised over $2M raised on crowdfunding and with 48,000+ people on the waitlist, it makes them the most funded smart wallet on Kickstarter. These numbers don’t lie.

Ekster Wallet

7. Wallets are just the beginning

Once I tried their wallets I was ready to let Ekster take care of all my carry essentials and, lucky enough, that’s precisely what they’re doing. They’re products are making my life easier at every turn, from modular phone cases to trackable key holders.

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