With technology constantly at our fingertips, there’s the ever-increasing worry that identity theft is also on the horizon. Financial theft of this sort occurs frequently. Obtaining a wallet that protects your information provides one of the best ways to avoid this disaster.

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In the past, wallet choices used to be quite simple. Leather or synthetic; trifold, bifold, or money clip; tons of pockets or just a few. Those options, however, didn’t seem to come with a way to protect your card information. With a surge in technology, hackers and pickpockets have an even better chance of getting your personal information.

RFID blocking works to protect you against this; it’s designed to keep you safe from RFID skimming, which is a particular type of electronic pickpocketing. To help you better understand this, we compiled a quick guide to explain what RFID blocking is and how it could benefit you—check it out!


RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, and it’s a process that uses the electromagnetic fields in items, like credit cards, to identify and attach tracking tags to various objects. For example, your credit cards have attached tags that contain electronically stored information (account numbers and the like) that RFID hackers can lift with radio waves.

Long story short, hackers can easily steal your information. Almost every credit or debit card now has a chip included. This chip contains imperative information they transmit to pay for something or take money from your bank. One the off chance that someone has an RFID reader, they could activate the chips in your wallet and find the information they need. They could potentially skim entire credit card numbers from your pocket. Now this doesn’t happen too often, but it’s better to be safe!


The idea of someone stealing your credit card numbers without you even taking your wallet out is scary. RFID blocking works against these thieves. While all those simple wallets couldn’t protect you before, with an RFID card holder, you can protect yourself from malicious hackers. Their design insulates your belongings from the hacker’s radio waves. With the right wallet, you can take the right
steps to protect yourself from identity theft.


In short, there are many benefits of getting a solid RFID blocking wallet, like the ones we have at Ekster. We provide a few of these benefits below!

  • These cardholders block hackers’ interrogating radio waves, protecting you from getting your information stolen.
  • They're made with high-quality leather that will last you a long time.
  • There are plenty of compartments, so even trifold users will have storage space.
  • They come with trackers, so you’ll know where your wallet is, whether you misplaced it or it was stolen.

If you think an RFID blocking wallet is right for you, turn to Ekster. We can help you get through the holidays worry-free with a safe and high-quality wallet. Check us out now!

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