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Aluminum Cardholder
Devon Stone (New York, US)
Rubber band

I think the rubber band could be a bit tighter all in all I think it’s a good wallet thank you

Aluminum Cardholder
Mike Smith (York, US)
Love this wallet

I have never been a fan of traditional wallets to big and bulking. Ekster wallet is slim, easy card/document acess, ekster wallet also holds alot, and RFID protection. Love this wallet...

Parliament Wallet
Jeremy Nunley (Lyndon, US)
Great Wallet

So far it is easy to access all my cards and the tracker card will help me find it if I lose it or if it is stolen. Just keep the cards in it you use often only.

Aluminum Cardholder
Jason Kahlenbeck (Sanford, US)
Aluminum Cardholder

Love it! It just simplifies life.

Wallet for AirTag
David Pulsifer (Burlington, US)
Red leather Ekster with airtag capability.

I replaced my Ridge wallet with this EKSTER wallet. It is a really well made wallet without a doubt. I've had friends of mine grab the wallet off of me to go around and show my Ekster to friends of theirs. If you are looking for an upgrade to your current wallet you can't go wrong with this wallet. I paid full price for this wallet.

Aluminum Cardholder
Clifford Woods (Fort Wayne, US)
It couldn’t be done!

I didn’t think that I would like the Ekster aluminum cardholder because I was used to having a bigger wallet. My wallet was always stuffed with things that I never really used; but, I carried around anyway just because I always had them in my wallet. I did not think that it could be done for me to switch from my old style wallet a little When I finally ordered the Ekster aluminum cardholder and shed the excess weight of the junk in my wallet I found that the Ekster aluminum cardholder was a lot better carrying experience than lugging around my suitcase of a wallet. I had only the essential credit, business, and identification cards that I needed and my new Ekster aluminum cardholder took up 2/3 less of the space than that old style wallet. Not to mention that I bought the tracker card for my aluminum cardholder so that I will be able to keep track of my cardholder whenever I misplace it! Like that will never happen… And I received a free gift with my order, too!!! Ekster sent me a tool card that has five built in wrenches, a flathead screwdriver, a box opener, bottle opener, metric ruler, inch ruler, possibility of a phone stand, and a SIM card pin holder. I could not be more pleased with my purchase! I will never go back to the old fashioned wallet again.

Aluminum Cardholder
Joshua (La Grande, US)
Worth it

I’ve tried other slim wallets like this before and they don’t compare to Ekster.

Aluminum Cardholder
Alyce Stewart (Petal, US)
Perfect Fit

I was looking for a slim wallet to carry in my front pocket.

Aluminum Cardholder
Salonia Brown (Philadelphia, US)
Good design but questionable card holder numbers

Love the build, quality and design. My only gripe is that it says it can hold 1-12 cards. The card slot can only fit a max of 6 cards in the slot. Not sure if the additional 6 is accounted for with the metal backplate but that only holds a max of 2 cards and if you have cash that you also want to add, forget about it. Again, love the product but just wished the card slot held more than 6 cards as advertised.

Aluminum Cardholder
Loreal Reynen (Dallas, US)
Great quality

The quality is the wallet is good. I did a lot of research when I first started buying these wallets and this was the best I found. This will be the 3rd one I have bought because my husband loves them so much.

Carbon Fiber Cardholder
Juan Dominguez (Kansas City, US)
Great cardholder!

The quality is amazing, so far no cons. I believe this cardholder is the best on the market!

Great wallet!

Stylish and has more room with the fold. The fold also covers your cash.i received this wallet as a gift from my wife, I originally had the Aluminum Slim. Very pleased!

Aluminum Cardholder
Madelynn Derby-Taufaasau (Mililani Town, US)
Aluminum wallet

It’s a great wallet. We bought 4 diff colors and they are all amazing. I just bought the leather one too. Can’t wait to get it.

Parliament Fortuna
Anonymous (New Albany, US)
Perfect Gift- impressive

I bought this as a present for my Husband and he loves it. It’s definitely worth the price. The quality is great. It’s slim but holds everything he needs. The card tool is durable and well designed and the tracker card is one of the things he loves most. It has an app that allows him to find his wallet in case he misplaces it with a ringing feature connected to his phone. It also has a RFID to prevent card information being stolen. 5 stars from the box it comes in to the quality of the product.

Parliament Wallet
Bruce Tyree

Enjoy this wallet light and easy to use

Aluminum Card holder

Amazing product. I love how it makes my cards so easy to access.

Parliament Wallet
Aaron Newman (Kamloops, CA)
Great Wallet!

I have been using my new parliament wallet for over a month now. I enjoy the simplicity and refinement in the design. Great product that I look forward to enjoying for a long time.

Aluminum Cardholder
Joseph Richley (Youngstown, US)
Love it

Exactly what I wanted.

Wallet + Key Case Bundle
Lakshminarayanan Valayanur Krishnan (San Diego, US)
Awesome Design

Wallets are Awesome !!!!.Great Design and look!!!!Very handy and great to carry!!!

Cardholder for AirTag
charles hannum (Haines City, US)
Great fine

Well I brought all my Christmas presents from you guys this year and I know that all my family are going to be so happy with my decision something that they will use every day thanks charles

Parliament Wallet
Will Unger (Calgary, CA)

i love the wallet it’s a perfect size and works perfectly with my daily lifestyle

Parliament Wallet
Eddie (Valrico, US)
Great Wallet for a Phases of my Life

I love this wallet. It works for everything I want to do. From. Work, to shopping, to traveling. It works for a phases of my life. Great construction and wallet.

Carbon Fiber Cardholder
Tera Thamawatanakul (Santa Ana, US)
Sleek, slim, and functional!

This wallet is very cool! It’s sleek, slim, and easy to use. The slot for the cards is very easy to operate. I could even use my pinky to push the button to expand the card slot. The tracker card is also pretty awesome. Even where you put tour cash is pretty easy to use. Love this wallet. Can’t forget to mention the carbon fiber! Looks great!

Parliament Wallet
Jeremy Lorenz
Luxury and Convenience

Easily the best wallet I’ve ever owned. The quality is top notch, the card capacity is more than sufficient and the footprint is perfectly small.

I’d recommend the wallet to anyone looking for a wallet that’s easy to find and retrieve your cards. The leather is high quality and just the right size.

Cardholder for AirTag
Hugh Johansen (Montreal, CA)
Ekster card holder with AirTag

Great card holder and slim in the pocket with AirTag to make sure I don’t misplace it