Top Father's Day Gifts 2022

Some people always know the perfect gift to buy while the rest of us struggle to find something that truly expresses how much we care. If you’re part of the latter group, you’ve come to the right place. And we’ve made it really simple for you: instead of trying to find the perfect item, we’ve narrowed that down. This year the gift to buy is a good old dad wallet, and here’s why. Classic, well-made wallets are sentimental father’s day gifts that your dad can appreciate every day. Plus, Ekster’s wallets come with modern features that offer better functionality and protection than your dad’s old bifold. And if wallets really aren’t your thing, go for another innovative everyday essential guaranteed to make Dad’s day just a little easier. Read on to find the perfect gifts for Father’s Day 2022.

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Father’s Day Wallet Gift Bundle (35% Off)

If you really want to impress Dad this year, this Father’s Day Gift Bundle is the way to go. The bundle includes an Ekster wallet of your choice, the Aluminum Cardholder or Parliament Wallet, a Key Holder and Tracker, a Tracker Card, a Cash Clip, and a premium gift bag. By purchasing this bundle you save over 65$! This bundle not only upgrades your Dad’s wallet for the 21st century, offering easier access and more protection, but it also equips his other more important accessories, too! The Key Holder and Tracker make Dad’s keys unlosable once and for all.

Dad wallet father's day gift bundle

A Modern Metal Wallet for Dad: Aluminum Cardholder

There’s nothing better than a brand new Dad wallet, especially if it’s as modern as this one. The Aluminum Cardholder is a slim metal wallet with fast-access cards and RFID protection built for cool Dads. The Aluminum Cardholder holds 1-15 cards - 6 inside the cardholder and up to 9 more in the expandable backplate. There’s also room for some folded bills when Dad needs some cash on hand. He will love how this wallet’s slim design doesn’t take up space in his pocket and keeps him organized. This unique Dad wallet is a gift he will use every day.

slim RFID metal wallet

The Best Wallet for Dad: The Parliament Wallet

The Parliament is Ekster’s best-selling everyday wallet. Made from genuine full-grain leather, this wallet is designed for slim carry and easy access. Dad will love this wallet because it makes accessing his cards easier than ever, just click the thumb trigger and cards are ejected. It’s also way slimmer than most bifold wallets but can carry the same amount of stuff: 1-15 cards and some cash. Thanks to its slim design, this dad wallet can be carried in a front pocket which decreases the chance of back pain caused by sitting on a wallet.

slim RFID leather wallet for men

The Ultimate Cool Dad Wallet: Carbon Fiber Cardholder

If you’re shopping for a more modern Dad then the Carbon Fiber Cardholder is a perfect choice. This is the ultimate cool dad wallet, designed to be slim, sleek, and durable. It carries 1-6 cards inside the main body and up to 9 more in the expandable backplate, plus some room for cash. What’s special about this dad wallet is that it is completely RFID-protected, so you never have to worry about someone hacking Dad’s bank account or worse, stealing his identity. Your Dad’s old bifold definitely doesn’t have this kind of security.

carbon fiber wallet for men

A Full-Grain Leather Wallet for Dad: Vachetta Parliament Wallet

If you want to impress Dad with an expertly crafted leather good, the Vachetta Parliament Wallet is for you. This slim leather wallet is made from genuine Vachetta leather, naturally tanned to perfection in the Tuscan hills. Vachetta leather has a distinctly luxurious feel, which is probably why it’s used by top Italian fashion brands like Prada. Even though the leather of this wallet is made traditional, it’s anything but an antique. The Vachetta Parliament embraces modern minimalist design and comes with features like RFID protection and fast-card access, the perfect Father’s Day gift for an old-school Dad who appreciates good craftsmanship and 21st-century tech.

vachetta leather wallet, slim RFID leather wallet, dad wallet

The Best Trackable Dad Wallet: AirTag Wallet

If you shopping for a Dad who can’t resist a new Apple release, chances are he probably already has an AirTag tracker or several. These discrete trackers can be added to almost any item to make it trackable in the FindMy ecosystem. Now you can get him a premium leather wallet designed specifically for AirTag so Dad can track his wallet directly from his phone. This slim leather wallet has a specific pocket for AirTag, can hold 1-12 cards, offers RFID protection, and has a pop-up card feature for fast access.

airtag leather wallet

Classic Front Pocket Dad Wallet: Brushed Aluminum Cardholder

This slim metal cardholder is a great choice for the modern, on-the-go Dad. The slim design lets him carry it comfortably in his front pocket and takes up less space than most bifold wallets. The Brushed Aluminum finish has a fresh yet industrial vibe that goes well with a minimalist style. Dad will also appreciate the fast-card access that lets him get whatever card he needs easily without digging through tiny card slots. Plus, you can make this modern dad wallet trackable by adding a Tracker Card so he will never lose his wallet again.

brushed aluminum cardholder wallet, slim RFID metal wallet

Sentimental Father’s Day Gifts: The Modular Bifold

If your Dad is a classic type then the Modular Bifold is one the most sentimental Father’s Day gifts for him because it mixes traditional and modern to form a perfect balance of functionality and style. This dad wallet uses the classic bifold style but offers modern updates that give Dad more ease of use and protection for his cards and cash. The Modular Bifold has a magnetic inner cardholder that can be removed for versatile use. This cardholder also blocks RFID so Dad is protected from wireless theft. Plus, you can add a Tracker card to make the whole wallet unlosable.

slim leather bifold wallet RFID

The Most Useful Gift for Dad: Key Tracker

One of the best gifts you can give someone is making their life easier, and Ekster’s Key Tracker does just that. With this discrete Tracker attached to Dad’s keys, he can use his smartphone to track them so he will never lose them again. This tech is straightforward and easy to use, so it’s very Dad-friendly. He will thank you every time he loses his keys and is able to find them straight away. Plus the tracker has a built-in LED light if he’s trying to find them in a dark place.

key tracker, tracking device for keys

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Young Dads: Forged Ember Aluminum Cardholder

The newest edition of the best-selling Aluminum Cardholder is available just in time for Father’s Day. This ultra-cool Dad wallet is a slim metal cardholder with fast-card access, RFID protection, and the ability to be made trackable. But that’s not even what makes it the perfect Father’s Day gift for young Dads. This newest colorway is a unique combination of black with red embers, like metal just pulled from the fire. This is a perfect wallet for Dads with a modern style and taste.

forged ember aluminum cardholder

Unique Tech Gift for Dad: Tracker Card

Dads always love to have the latest gadget, whether it’s the newest iPhone or a faster motorboat. This Tracker Card is a small tracking device the size of a credit card that can make any wallet trackable. Simply charge it using the sun or a lamp for 3 hours to get 2 months of battery and connect it to Dad’s phone. Now he can track his wallet on a map, receive separation alerts, and always find his wallet easily. Dad will love how solar charging means he never has to worry about more cables or converters to charge his wallet tracker.

tracking device for wallet, wallet tracker

iPhone Wallet for Dad: MagSafe Cardholder

This is the perfect Dad wallet for Fathers who like to travel light. The MagSafe Cardholder is a slim leather cardholder that attaches to the back of Dad’s phone for a secure place to keep his essential cards and a folded bill or two. If you’re shopping for a Dad who likes to keep everything simple and minimalist, preferring a lighter load to loads of bulk, then the MagSafe cardholder might just be the upgrade he’s been waiting for. It combines his two most important daily essentials; his phone and his wallet, into one slim profile so he has everything he needs in one place.

magsafe cardholder wallet for iphone

The Best Luxury Dad Wallet: Fortuna Parliament

If you really want to splash on Dad this year, this luxury leather wallet with gold detailing is the perfect way to do it. Made from the highest quality leather by top leather craftsmen, the Fortuna Parliament is Ekster’s most luxurious leather wallet. Thanks to its slim design it can be comfortably carried in front pockets and suit pants and jackets without causing an ugly bulge. This luxury Dad wallet is a great way to impress at business meetings, client dinners, and formal functions, as well as giving Dad an organized and slim alternative to his bulky leather bifold.

luxury leather wallet for men, slim luxury leather wallet

Top Gifts for Organized Dads: Laptop Sleeve

The perfect Father’s Day gift for the modern Dad juggling life, work, and family. Life is messy but this laptop sleeve keeps his portable tech effortlessly organized. When Dad is trying to run out of the house in the morning to work, the Laptop Sleeve makes sure he never leaves anything behind. With space for a laptop, mouse, chargers, cables, notepad, pen, and tablet, this laptop organizer keeps everything he needs for work in one, ready-to-go place.

Personal Gift for Classic Dads: Tool Card

Dad would love to take his toolbox everywhere, but sometimes less is more! This credit card multi-tool fits perfectly in his wallet and has 7 unique tools from a box opener to a SIM card pin. With this Dad can be the handyman he was born to be no matter where he is. The Tool Card has a box opener, metric and imperial ruler, flat head screwdriver, 5-inch wrench, bottle opener, and SIM card pin. Because it’s made from industrial-grade stainless steel, it’s super durable and weather-resistant. This is the perfect personal gift for Dads who love to get it done themselves.

credit card multi tool, tool card for wallet, credit card multi tool for wallet

Don't miss out on getting the perfect Dad wallet for Father's Day this year. No matter who you're shopping for, they are sure to appreciate an elevated everyday essential that helps them get from point A to point B with style and ease. Give Dad a gift that saves them time every day, so Dad can get back to doing what he loves! He's sure to thank you for such a personal and touching gift. Act now and get your gift on time with fast shipping at 20-40% off while the sale lasts.

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