• Parliament Wallets
    Parliament Wallet Parliament Wallet

    The flagship made from LWG-certified leather

    Classic Brown

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  • Senate Cardholders
    Aluminum Cardholder Aluminum Cardholder

    Space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum

    Classic Black

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  • Senate Cardholders
    Leather Cardholder Leather Cardholder

    Premium LWG-certified leather

    Nappa Black

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  • Senate Cardholders
    Carbon Fiber Cardholder Carbon Fiber Cardholder

    3K Carbon Fiber weave

    Carbon Fiber

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  • Parliament Wallets
    Parliament Vachetta Parliament Vachetta

    Italian leather, tanned in Tuscany

    Brescia Bronze

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    Parliament Wallets
    Parliament Wallet ♻️ Parliament Wallet ♻️

    Vegan recycled leather


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  • Parliament Wallets
    Parliament Fortuna Parliament Fortuna

    Premium full-grain American hide


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  • Bifold Wallet
    Modular Bifold Modular Bifold

    The bifold reinvented


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  • NEW
    Black Airtag Cardholder
    Black Airtag Cardholder
    Senate Cardholders
    Cardholder for AirTag Cardholder for AirTag

    With a custom pocket for AirTag


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Credit Card Theft

Wallets to Protect

Seamlessly combine style with advanced data protection. At Ekster®, we take pride in offering a range of RFID-blocking wallets crafted with the finest materials and designed to keep your personal cards safe from potential identity theft.Our RFID-blocking technology ensures your sensitive information remains secure, making these wallets a perfect companion for your daily adventures.

Leather wallets by ekster


RFID protection for your credit and debit cards isn’t the only way Ekster® helps safeguard your belongings. Our innovative solar powered tracker card seamlessly integrates with your wallet, allowing you to trace its location through your smartphone so you can say goodbye to anxious and frantic moments. Alternatively , if you’re an Apple fan, we got you covered with a line of Airtag Compatible wallets.

tracker for your wallet
Leather, Aluminum or Carbon


Explore our extensive selection of RFID-wallets, each expertly designed with multiple card slots, slip pockets, and even a money clip for ultimate convenience. Choose between genuine leather wallets for classic elegance and durability or sleek aluminum wallets for a cutting-edge contemporary touch.

Sleek Design and Optimal Comfort

The Perfect Front Pocket RFID Wallet

Gone are the days of bulky wallets; our RFID wallets are crafted with precision to fit perfectly in your front pocket, eliminating unsightly bulges and reducing the risk of pickpocketing. 

Read more about the benefits of carrying your wallet in a front pocket.


Grab Your RFID-Wallet Today

Level up your daily carry with Ekster® RFID wallets - where practicality meets innovation. Say goodbye to bulging pockets and hello to the freedom of a slim, front-pocket fit. Experience seamless access to your cards and cash with our carefully designed slots and pockets. Rest assured, your data stays safe with our cutting-edge RFID-blocking technology.

Already found your ideal Ekster wallet? Upgrade your Ekster collection further with our smart accessories.

Not convinced yet? Read more about: Why you should get an RFID-wallet.


What does RFID blocking wallet mean?

An RFID-blocking wallet features a special lining that shields your cards from unauthorized scanning. It prevents data thieves from accessing sensitive information stored on your cards, ensuring your privacy and security.

How does an RFID wallet work?

The RFID-blocking technology incorporated into our wallets creates a protective barrier, blocking signals emitted by contactless cards and IDs, thus preventing potential identity theft and electronic pickpocketing.

Do I really need an RFID blocking wallet?

As technology evolves, so do the risks of electronic data theft. Having an RFID-blocking wallet provides an additional layer of protection, offering peace of mind and safeguarding your personal information from digital intruders.