For the last 4 years, I’ve had the privilege of living in Barcelona - the city of my dreams. 300 days of sunshine, a beach within the city, and the delicious paellas, could I ask for anything more? However, every place has its ups and downs, and the downside to this lovely city is the skyrocketing number of pickpockets!

Before my switch, I swallowed the frustration of carrying around a bulbous, open-flap wallet with my cards and IDs falling out repeatedly. I was warned about a hundred times about pickpockets, but I didn’t imagine that someone could possibly steal a wallet the size of my hand from my bag without me realizing it. I underestimated their capabilities.

After facing this exasperating issue four times in the span of six months, I knew something had to be done. I wasn’t going to tolerate any more stolen cash, cancelled credit cards, and most importantly, lost documents that were beyond infuriating to recover. I was also completely done being embarrassed by my bulky wallet every time I would make a purchase.

As I was doing my research online to find a wallet that was impossible to misplace, I came across numerous brands. I can be quite finicky about fashion, so finding a wallet that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional was quite a task.

I wasn't only looking for something smart, but something which would stand up to being used day in, day out. I didn’t want to have to look for another wallet after all this effort. I was always the kind of person who is skeptical about online platforms, but it couldn’t be any worse than the physical stores I had been to, so I was up for giving it a shot.

One specific brand caught my eye almost immediately - Ekster Wallets. What I liked about it was the credibility of the website in terms of its look and feel, and all the information about their wallets. Although simple, it had that stylish element I desired. It also featured a reverse tracking system synchronized with an app that beeps your phone when you’re away from it! Voila! A solution to my perpetual “lost wallet” problem. With a heart full of hope, I made the purchase. I received a beautifully packaged wallet after four working days. This was a little longer than what I was told, but I received constant updates from them about delays, which was very comforting.

Another reason Ekster had an edge over other brands, for me, was their impressive storyline. I read that two Dutch students came up with the idea while they were trying to invent “the perfect wallet.” I fancied the overall look and the slimness. It fit in my hand perfectly and I loved the idea of the design with the strap for cash. I no longer had the hassle of a zipper or cards slipping out. Quite frankly, it felt really good to flaunt a sexy-looking wallet.

As some time progressed, I came to realize that a convenient wallet can make such a massive difference in your life! It was easy for me to pay, pick out my cards, and the fact that it was trackable blew my mind!

While this might not be the perfect wallet for heavy cash users, for card users, it is a brilliant way to make your daily life simpler. For some reason, the reduced clutter makes me a lot less stressed. I never imagined that a new wallet would be such a life-changing experience, but I guess I can thank pickpockets for indirectly introducing me to Ekster!

About Ekster

Here at Ekster, we're in the business of making your life easier.

We started with upgrading the traditional leather wallet, making it easier to use and harder to lose. Now, we're taking on the rest of your essentials to make each day easier for you.

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