Father's day GIFT GUIDE

Dad jokes may be predictable, but your Father's Day gift doesn't have to be.
With over 30,000 5-star reviews, Ekster is a fool-proof present for dad.



A limited edition Father's Day edition of our best-selling smart wallet. Why will dad love it? This wallet comes with a complimentary dad-joke generator so he'll always have enough ammo.

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OUR BEST OFFER $380 → $228


Let's be real, Dad's wallet is older than you are. This double bundle will make Dad cool again and lets you treat yourself to a new Ekster guilt-free at 40% off.

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Classic Brown
$110 → $77

vachetta parliament

Give Dad the gift of timeless craftsmanship with our premium Italian line. He may use the same password for everything but at least the built-in aluminum cardholder protects his cards from RFID-skimming.

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$125 → $88

Restocked: carbon fiber

For the dad who treats his stuff like it's expendable, our high-performance 3K carbon wallet is the perfect gift. It's so durable, it could probably survive a nuclear winter.

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$90 → $63

parliament wallet

Help Dad join the fast lane with our most popular wallet. With easy-card access and RFID protection all in a super-slim frame, this is the wallet upgrade he's been waiting for.

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$55 → $39


Get rid of both dad noises and jingles while he searches for the right key. The Key Case organizes keys into a silent stack that prevents scratches to his phone and other valuables. Plus, track his keys from his phone.

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$90 → $63


Dad bods may be bulky, but their wallets don't have to be. The Aluminum Cardholder is a super useful front pocket wallet designed to take up little space while holding all your essentials.

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$100 → $70

Recycled parliament

Before it was a wallet, it was a windshield: our first vegan leather smart wallet, made with recycled material sourced from scrapped car windshields.

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THE PERFECT KIT $185 → $129


This is the perfect set to outfit Dad's pockets from keys to wallet with minimalist, time-saving essentials. Choose between a leather or metal wallet and save 35% off the total value. First come, first serve.

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$80 → $56

modular bifold

A classic bifold wallet with an updated twist that outperforms your Dad’s old wallet by a mile. The removable magnetic cardholder gives him the freedom to travel light and the ability to carry more.

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$110 → $77

airtag wallet

The wallet for forgetful dads. This model has a secure spot for Dad's Apple AirTag so he can add a luxury leather wallet to his FindMy ecosystem.

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$40 → $28

magsafe wallet

This is the perfect wallet for Dad's who like to travel light. The MagSafe Cardholder attaches to the back of your phone for a secure place to keep his essential cards.

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$175 → $123

fortuna parliament

If you really want to splash on Dad this year, this luxury leather wallet with gold detailing is the perfect way to do it. Made from the highest quality leather by top craftsmen.

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$60 → $42

tracker card

The end-all solution for the lost wallet problem. Get Dad this wallet tracker and he’ll thank you for making sure he never loses his wallet again.

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$100 → $70

laptop sleeve

The perfect Father’s Day gift for the modern Dad juggling life, work, and family. Life is messy but this laptop sleeve keeps his portable tech effortlessly organized.

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$50 → $35

tool card

Give Dad the gift of preparedness with our compact Tool Card. Or add it to your order for free when you spend more than $100.

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