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Join Ekster Plus for free members-only perks. Start earning points for each dollar spent and save big on all purchases moving forward.


Register now and immediately redeem points for previous orders.


Start earning points with every purchase, interaction or subscription.


Every $1 spent earns you 1 point. You'll be saving big in no time.

Loyalty benefits Ekster Loyalty benefits Ekster mobile


  • Earn points for discounts
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Early access to launches
  • Member-only flash sales
  • Help us design products
  • Free birthday gifts
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What is ekster+?

Welcome to ekster+, our members-only program where you can earn points for order discounts, attend exclusive flash sales and have early access to our product launches. 

You can create your account by signing up on our website here

If you've placed an order on in the past, the points from those orders will be added to your account. 1 point is given for each $ spent on the website. 10 points = $1 off your next order on our website. 

There are multiple ways to earn points: sign up to our newsletter, follow us on social media, refer a friend and more! You can collect as many points as possible to save big on your next order. 

How do I redeem my points?

To redeem your Ekster + Loyalty points, make sure you logged into your account before you head to the check out. You will have the option at checkout to select the points you'd like to apply to your order which will apply the discount to your total before you pay.

If you're having trouble with your Ekster + account or redeeming your points please use our Contact Form and we'll help you out! 

I'm not seeing points in My Account

After completing an action in your account, such as signing up for our newsletter or leaving a review, points can take a couple of minutes to load into your account. When you've placed an order on, you will not see the points from your order until it has been fulfilled from our warehouse and delivered to you.

When referring a friend, please note that points will not be applied to your account until the referred has placed an order. Once they use your unique URL to place their order, you will receive the correct amount of points in your account. 

If you are not seeing points from your previous purchases on, please reach out to our Support team via our Contact Form. A member of our team will be happy to check to make sure you're seeing your previous purchases correctly.