Product Release: Our Smartest Wallet Yet

“After three years in the industry, we’ve become a tad wiser and are now back with brand new never-before-seen technology. You’re going to want to stick around for this… “ – Olivier (Founder)

With the launch of the world’s first smart wallet in 2015, we joined the $1000,000 club on Indiegogo, reaching 7000% of our initial goal. Our original Kickstarter wallet campaign went viral in a matter of days till our products started popping up everywhere; CNN, ABC, CNET, Engadget, Discovery Channel, Mashable, you name 'em! In what seemed like the blink of an eye, we became the #1 bestselling smart wallet in the world, receiving thousands of positive reviews from loyal users all around the globe. Now, our products are available in over 50 stores ranging from Amazon to Macy’s, and we're back with some exciting news.

We started this business because we were fed up with the same tired traditional wallet designs and functionality. If tracking technology existed, why hadn’t it been integrated into wallets yet? As one of the most important EDC products on your person at any given time, we decided it was long overdue to elevate wallets and bring them into the 21st century.

Image of a woman's hands. In her left hand she holds an Ekster smart wallet with a crowd GPS tracker. An iPhone in an Ekster case is in her right hand.


Ekster wallets are luxurious leather smart wallets created for those who want maximum storage and minimum bulk. Each slim wallet has integrated RFID protection technology to keep your cards and personal information completely secure. The sleek leather exteriors are handcrafted with premium Dutch/German top-grain leathers and tanned under gold-rated LWG environmental protocols. With its card-slider mechanism, you will have everything you need right at your fingertips. One click of the trigger and your 6 most-used cards are ejected for easy access. To ensure you and your wallet never get separated, we created a solar-powered Tracker Card which allows for two-way ringing, separation alerts, and worldwide Crowd-GPS. This ultra-slim tracker only needs 3 hours of sunlight to last for 2 months and allows you to ring your phone or wallet as well as track it on a map. With years of research and experience, we have now tweaked this tracker to perfection. And our customers think the same:


You need friends if you’re going to create the best smart wallet ever. Not only do we have tens of thousands of crowd funders who helped bring Ekster to life, this time, we’ve also partnered with the creators of the slimmest and loudest trackers to date, Chipolo®, to design a new and improved tracker for our third generation wallets. With these improvements, it’ll be a challenge to ever lose your wallet again!

Image of a woman's hands holding an Ekster rfid blocking wallet, with a crowd GPS tracker peeking out from it.


  • Slimmer Design: The even slimmer 3.0 tracker slips easily into your wallet, not taking up too much space and disguising itself as a card. No other smart wallet is even in the same ballpark of slimness.
  • Worldwide Lost and Found: This powerful little piece of tracking technology is now also connected to a Worldwide Lost and Found network. If for some reason all other options fail, this innovative new feature functions as an additional safety net. This is how it works: each card has a unique QR code that links it to your smartphone like a fingerprint. If your wallet is lost and someone finds it, by scanning this QR code a message will be sent to you, immediately letting you know where the wallet is.
  • Voice Activated: We're now compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You don’t even need a smart speaker to use this feature, just use voice command on either of the two apps. Find your wallet without having to move from your cosy spot on the couch, completely hands-free!
  • Longer Battery Life: We went back into the lab and created a battery that not only slims down the tracker but also lasts twice as long with use. Three hours of sunshine now gives you 2 months of charge!
  • Upgraded Solar Panels: Our trackers are known for their innovative solar-powered functionality, but we’ve stepped up our game even more. Our new and improved slimmer solar panels now charge your tracker twice as fast, thanks to our patented integration upgrade.
  • Louder Two-Way Ringing: Finding your wallet with your phone is pretty cool, but what about finding your phone with your wallet? With the two-way ringing feature of our new trackers, all your valuable EDC products are secure. Just double press the button on the tracker to sound an alert on your phone, even on silent mode, or use the Chipolo app on your phone to sound a loud alert from your wallet. We've improved the ringer volume to make finding your wallet even easier!
  • Crowd GPS Tracking: What if your wallet is out of range from your phone? Our worldwide crowd GPS tracker network spans across the globe to help you find your wallet even when it’s out of range. When any user is within range of your lost item, you receive a GPS update of the last recorded place it was signalled.

Front, side and back view of the crowd GPS tracker on a gray background, surrounded by reviewing sites' logos.


  • Slimmest Smart Wallet: At just 0.3 inches thick, we have officially created the slimmest cardholder to date, meaning no more useless bulk in your pockets and bags.
  • Upgraded Trigger: Our upgraded trigger button has been ergonomically shaped to perfection and optimal durability. The 3.0 moulds are designed in such a way that the entire trigger is made up of one solid piece of hardware, eliminating any chances of jamming/breaking so your wallet won’t give out before you do.
  • Easier Access: With our secret new inner coating and mechanism redesign, your cards will now eject just a tiny bit further and more smoothly. It may seem like a small change but it has big impacts on the ease at which you can grab your cards.
  • Anodized Cardholder: Our newly designed RFID blocking cardholder is made of fully anodized aluminium for a sleeker look and smoother action. With smoother card access and a fine-tuned mechanism, the Ekster 3.0 promises that your cards are presented stylishly and efficiently every time.

Image of a man sliding an Ekster smart wallet into his pocket. His other pocket holds an iPhone with an Ekster case.


  • LWG gold-rated: We love our leather as much as we love our tech. That is why our new wallet models are handcrafted with even higher quality leathers. Our premium top-grain leathers are hand treated and tanned under the strictest gold-rated LWG environmental protocols.
  • Better Scratch Resistance: New leather means new improvements. all Ekster 3.0 products use leather that is less prone to scratching than before, making sure your wallet doesn’t just work but looks good doing so.
  • Improved Tanning Process: What we’re perhaps most excited about though is the variety of different colours and textures that our newest collection will be able to offer. Through new innovative methods of tanning and dying, we’ve produced unique, vibrant, long-lasting colours and smoother textures, providing you with more options for your luxury.

Image of a leather worker's hands, holding uncut leather


  • New Exclusive Colours: When our previous Kickstarter campaign had the success it did, we knew we needed to find a way to thank all our backers. That’s why in this campaign we are offering our 3rd generation model in 3 brand-new colours exclusively for our Kickstarter backers. Welcome three new colours: Juniper Green, Blush Beige, and Merlot Red.
  • New Exclusive Products: For those who need less space, we’ve released the Secretary Cardholder as a Kickstarter exclusive launch. This new addition to the Ekster family is our slimmest wallet yet at only 0.15" (0.4cm), yet it’s got room for 6+ cards, coins and cash. With a minimal footprint, this one-sided RFID protected wallet is perfect for anyone living a minimalist lifestyle (or anyone with tight jeans).

Three varied images: one of a man holding the kickstarter wallet; one displaying different minimalist wallets and cardholders on a mossy background; one showcasing the best smart wallet against a green background.

Three images showcasing the kickstarter wallet; a woman's hand holding a light beige smart wallet whilst having coffee. An iPhone in an Ekster case visible in the background. Second and third images showcase the slim wallet on a background of feathers.

Three images showcasing the kickstarter wallet in a new color. A man slides the slim wallet into his pocket in the first image. Second and third images show a red slim wallet against a red background.

To all our amazing backers, we cannot thank you enough for making our dream a reality. We couldn’t have done it without you. We've grown from a team of 3 in a dorm room to a team of 16 in the technology hub of Amsterdam. After years of hard work and dedication, we’re once again ready to show you why you made the right choice in backing us. To show you our appreciation we created an exclusive line of brand-new colours and even a never-before-seen Secretary Cardholder, our slimmest creation yet. If you want to get in on this, you're in luck! The Ekster 3.0 Classic Collection is now live. Get yours before we run out of stock!

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