• (90)
    GRID Backpack

    21L weatherproof pack, upcycled fabric.


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  • NEW
    GRID Duffel Backpack

    43L weatherproof duffel, upcycled fabric.


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  • NEW
    AirPods Pro 2
    AirPods Pro 2
    AirPods Case

    An ultra-durable protective case for Apple AirPods 3 or Pro/Pro 2 in...

    AirPods Pro 2

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  • (8)
    Tech Case

    Padded organization system for small tech.


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  • (6)
    Camera Cube

    Weatherproof with modular inserts.


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  • (37)
    The Weekender

    Limited edition bag for your next getaway


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  • (140)
    Laptop Sleeve

    Premium leather, for laptops and tablets

    Juniper Green

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For Every Type of Journey

Modular Bags

Life is for living, we make the gear you need to chase the road less traveled. We’ve got you covered for daily commutes, long-haul treks, and wildness adventures. Find the bag perfectly suited to you needs.

Front Loading Easy Access

 Innovative Design

Offering convenient access to your belongings, with front-loading access, our bags are designed for easy access to your belongings and effortless organization on the go. Get unparalleled convenience and take rummaging around out of the travel equation.

Laptop put inside duffel bag
Durable & Weather-proof

for Active Lifestyles

For gym-goers and sports enthusiasts, durability is paramount. That's why our sports backpacks are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. With waterproof materials and specialized compartments, including dedicated shoe compartments, our bags keep your gear organized and protected, no matter the conditions.

With Anti-Theft Protection

RFID Technology

Safeguard your belongings against pickpockets and identity theft while on the move, thanks to hidden zippers, slash-resistant materials, and secure locking mechanisms. With built-in RFID pockets, you can protect your credit cards, passports, and other sensitive information from unauthorized scanning, ensuring your personal data remains secure at all times.


Can Ekster Backpacks be used as a carry-on bag?

Yes, most bags are designed to comply with airline cabin carry-on regulations, so you can bring it on board with you. Always double check weight and size requirements for your specific airline, just to be sure.

Are the bags and backpacks waterproof?

While the backpack itself is water-resistant, it also includes a waterproof zipped outer pocket for added protection against the elements.

How long do Ekster Backpacks last?

At Ekster, we stand behind the quality of our products. We want to help you get the most out of everyday life on the move, and that’s why we manufacture our products to the highest and most sustainable standards possible. We offer a one year warranty on our wallets and a two year warranty on our luggage collection. Members of ekster+ have access to an extended limited lifetime warranty. Read more here.

What is the warranty on Ekster Backpacks?

We offer a two year warranty on our GRID Duffel Backpack. For any questions around the warranty on your product, please submit a claim via our website here. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are Ekster Bags andBackpacks waterproof?

The GRID Duffel Backpack has a water resistant barrier which causes water to bead up and run right off your pack during light showers. Your belongings will be kept safe by our waterproof zipper.

Are Ekster Backpacks good for your back?

The gradation pattern shoulder straps ensure a perfect fit, while the air-mesh-ventilated, padded back panel provides extra lower back support. Take the weight out of longer trips with the hands-free luggage pass-through.

Are Ekster Bags and Backpacks durable?

The GRID Backpacks are made from up-cycled PET bottles and is intended for life on and off the grid. The padded back panel provides support for your back as well as protection for the items inside, while the drink bottle holder is double-lined for durability. The backpack structure means it can stand upright, protecting the materials from floor damage.

Do most of the Ekster Bags and Backpacks fit in overhead storage compartments?

Yes, most bags and backpacks fit in overhead luggage compartments.

Is the Ekster Backpack made from organic/vegan materials?

The Grid Duffel Backpack is made from up-cycled PET bottles.

How do I clean my Ekster Backpack?

Remove stains with damp cloth. Do not wash. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Can I machine wash the Ekster Backpacks?

Ekster backpacks can easily be cleaned by hand with a damp cloth. Do not machine or hand wash Ekster backpacks.

What size of laptop will fit in the Ekster GRID Backpack?

The Grid Duffel Backpack has a padded, suspended laptop pocket that is suitable for laptops up to 16 inches.

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