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    Wallet for AirTag Wallet for AirTag

    With a custom pocket for AirTag

    Nappa Black

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    Black Airtag Cardholder
    Black Airtag Cardholder
    Senate Cardholders
    Cardholder for AirTag Cardholder for AirTag

    With a custom pocket for AirTag


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the ideal choice

Apple Find My app Integration

Track your Ekster Airtag Wallet in real-time using Apple's Find My app. Tap to locate it whether it's in your pocket, at a café, or on the go. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your wallet's exact location with Ekster Airtag Wallets.

Classic Black
High-end and Premium


Made from premium leather, this wallet features multiple card slots, a spacious bill compartment, and a dedicated pocket to seamlessly hold your Airtag. With its refined craftsmanship, it complements your style while keeping your valuables protected.

Carbon Forged Airtag Cardholder

Designed for AirTag

This wallet, crafted from premium leather, offers secure Airtag placement. With dedicated Airtag storage, your tracker stays in place, ensuring it won't slip out while complementing your style and protecting your valuables.

Carbon Fiber Airtag Cardholder
Trackable Wallets

RFID Protection

Not only do our wallets for AirTag protect your belongings from loss, but they also shield your 

important items, such as ID cards, credit cards, and documents, from unauthorized scanning with built-in RFID protection. Your valuables remain secure, stylishly protected, and effortlessly trackable.

Green Ore Airtag Cardholder

Wallets compatible with Apple’s Find My app

The Cardholder for Airtag is crafted from sleek, durable metal, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a minimalist design with a modern edge. Its slim profile effortlessly holds your essential cards while securely integrating an Airtag, ensuring you never misplace your wallet.