Our top-selling smart wallet design is back in an all new brushed aluminum texture. This wallet comes with Ekster's patented card ejection mechanism for undeniably fast access every time. Designed to maximize carry while minimizing bulk, the new Brushed Aluminum Cardholder packs the contents of a bulky bifold into a fraction of the space and offers superior organization. Always environmentally friendly and made from the highest quality materials, this bad boy is one of our best wallets yet.


Sleek Brushed Aluminum

Our newest edition of the Aluminum Cardholder comes in a brushed aluminum texture with an even smoother finish. The black aluminum body comes with a backplate and water-resistant silicone band that offers versatile carry capacity. For an even more minimalist look, these wallets come with a black square logo on the front.


Maximum Capacity, Minimalist Design

This metal wallet is all about carrying smarter, so you have everything you need without being weighed down. The RFID-blocking inner cavity holds up to 6 cards and the expandable backplate offers room for 9 more. And of course there is always space for some folded bills under the water-resistant silicone band.


Pop-Up Cards For Fast Checkout

There’s a lot of joy in the little things, like being the quickest person at checkout or breezing through airport security. The Brushed Aluminum Cardholder is built for easy card access so fumbling around with a bulky wallet is a worry you can check off your list. This feature is perfect for people who travel a lot, use public transport, or just want to upgrade their pockets.


Protection From Wireless Theft

The Brushed Aluminum Cardholder naturally blocks radio waves from penetrating the wallet, keeping your credit and debit cards protected from would-be thieves. Wireless theft is the bane of modern existence and more and more fall victim everyday. This wallet helps safeguard against possible attacks so you don’t have to.

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