Here at Ekster, we make sleek, minimalist gear that lets you carry smarter. The newest product in our line of slim, front pocket wallets is the Forged Ember Cardholder Wallet. This metal wallet is a minimalist cardholder that is designed to be slim as possible but expands to accommodate whatever you need to carry. The Forged Ember Cardholder has an aluminum body with an expandable carbon fiber backplate made even more special because of the red ember design. Order yours today while supplies last.

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Slim Metal Wallet: Forged Ember Cardholder

The Forged Ember Cardholder is a slim metal wallet that is designed to be a minimalist, front pocket wallet but can expand to carry whatever you need. This metal wallet is made from industrial-strength aluminum and the metal backplate is made from a 3K forged carbon fiber weave with the highest tensile strength of any material. The aluminum body is all black but is made unique because of the red ember pattern on the forged carbon fiber backplate.

forged ember cardholder

Front Pocket Cardholder Wallet to Carry Smarter

The Forged Ember Cardholder wallet is about carrying everything you need without being weighed down. Our intelligent design stores 1-15 cards and cash in an ultra-minimalist profile and expands to accommodate whatever you need. This aluminum wallet is the perfect base for building the best EDC setup.

Easily add a Tracker Card to make your wallet trackable; once paired just say “Hey Siri, find my wallet!” and you can avoid the hassle of searching for your wallet. This front pocket cardholder wallet also pairs with the Tool Card, a 7-in-1 multi tool credit card that fits perfectly in your wallet.

forged ember cardholder

Cardholder with Fast Access Pop-Up Cards

You’ll never fumble through your wallet again because of the fast access pop-up card feature. The Forged Ember Cardholder has our patented fast-access trigger; simply click the button to easily retrieve cards in seconds without having to search through tight card slots. You will be astonished at how much time you can save throughout the day with this pop-up cardholder wallet. Plus, our fast-access cardholders are stress-tested rigorously before being approved so your cards will never get stuck or jammed inside the cardholder.

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Protect your Cards with an RFID Wallet

This slim wallet for men actively fends off data skimmers with RFID protection. Data skimmer can access the information stored on cards with card readers to access your bank account or even steal your identity. The Forged Ember Cardholder keeps your cards close and your data even closer. An RFID wallet can save you huge amounts of time and money because it eliminates the possibility of wireless theft altogether. Because data crime is so common, many people are investing in ways to make themselves more secure. Stay safe out there by protecting your cards and data with an RFID wallet.

Get the NEW Forged Ember Cardholder today while sales last!

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