You know Ekster for revolutionizing the wallet design, making it easier to use and harder to lose. Bringing 21-century upgrades to your most important accessories is what we do and now we’re adding another breakthrough piece of gear to our time-saving ecosystem. Meet your next EDC essential, a stainless steel multi tool credit card designed for wallets: The Tool Card.

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Ekster Tool Card: The Top Credit Card Multitool

Whether you’re into hiking, a survivalist, or just like to have some tools on hand, a credit card multitool is a slim, on-the-go solution for pesky problems. As opposed to traditional multi-tools, the best multi tool credit card is the size of a credit card and fits perfectly in your wallet. This compact and convenient stainless steel wallet multi tool card is perfect for anyone who likes travel light but also have some tools on hand. While this isn’t a replacement for your normal toolbox, a wallet tool card can help in a pinch for so many situations.

multi tool credit card, wallet tool card

7-In-1 Wallet Tool Card (TSA-Compatible)

The Ekster Tool Card is a stainless steel wallet tool card that packs 7 unique tools into one compact design. The tool collection includes 5-inch wrenches, flathead screwdriver, SIM card pin, box opener, bottle opener, metric ruler, and inch ruler. Plus, this wallet tool card is currently compatible with TSA guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about bringing it through security (but make sure to double-check based on your specific location).

stainless steel credit card multi tool, wallet tool card

Stainless Steel Multi Tool Card

The Ekster Tool Card for wallets is made from top-quality stainless steel that is guaranteed to last longer. We chose this metal because of its highly durable qualities. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, temperature, and impact damage, so you can put this tool card to work without fear of damage. Despite its thin profile, Ekster’s stainless steel multi-tool card is incredibly strong, which is particularly important for the box opener and bottle opener functions.

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Wallet Tool Card: Solutions in Your Pocket

The Ekster Wallet Multi Tool Card is about the size of a credit card and fits perfectly in any wallet. Instead of hauling around a larger multi-tool that needs to be carried in a backpack or separate pocket, the stainless steel wallet tool card offers a compact and convenient solution. When traveling, every square inch and pound is taken into account, so having travel essentials that maximize functionality in a minimum amount of space are a must. This makes the Ekster Tool Card perfect for people who like to be prepared but travel light.

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Conclusion about Credit Card Multi Tools

If you're looking for an easy and minimalist on-the-go solution a credit card multi tool is the perfect option because it is small, sturdy, and lets you have 7 distinct tools on you at all times. A credit card multi tool fits perfectly in your wallet and can help in a pinch to open a bottle, tighten a loose screw, or cut open a package. This is a great option to bolster your EDC with a functional and minimalist multi tool for wallets because it adds value without adding bulk. Stay prepared with Ekster's new Tool Card, the best credit card multi tool around.

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