2022 Gifts For The Impossible Man

Trying to find gifts for the impossible man is a total headache, even though he deserves something nice. He has such high standards and impeccable taste, so trying to find gifts for the impossible man in 2022 is difficult. Luckily, we put together a list of the best gifts for the impossible man that are guaranteed to impress. These gifts will improve his day-to-day life and have his friends asking, “where’d he get that?”.

A man's hands, in his left he holds an iPhone with a magsafe cardholder attached, in his right he holds a black aluminum cardholder.

1. MagSafe Cardholder

A MagSafe® cardholder that turns your iPhone into a slim wallet with room for 3+ cards or some cash. Strong magnets keep your add-ons securely in place, and a thumb slot on the back ensures easy access.

Chances are your man already has a wallet, but I bet he doesn’t have a wallet like this. The MagSafe Cardholder makes the classic leather bifold look like an ancient relic with its sleek style and modern features. This magnetic cardholder attaches seamlessly to the back of any compatible phone, easily combing your man’s two most important accessories. These slim phone wallets are great gifts for the impossible man because they offer a slimmer option when he doesn’t want to carry his whole wallet.

A man's right hand holding a key holder and key tracker from Ekster.

2. Key Tracker

Designed to fit perfectly inside your Ekster Key Holder or hook onto any other item, this is the smallest smart key finder out there. It comes with two-way ringing, voice-activation, selfie mode, and a built-in LED light ensuring no more scratches on your car or door in the dark.

One of the best gifts for the impossible man in 2022 is something that genuinely improves their quality of life. And there’s nothing like lost keys to ruin his day. Ekster’s Key Tracker lets him track his keys from his smartphone so he can find them in seconds in the app or with voice activation - “Hey Siri, where are my keys?”. The Key Tracker also has a built-in LED light that blinks when he rings his keys so he can even find them in the dark.

A man sitting cross legged, in his left hand he holds a tracker card and in his right he holds an iPhone showing the screen for the tracking app.

3. Tracker Card

Can’t find your wallet? Not sure where you left that bag? Our credit card-sized wallet tracker is the difference between stress and streamlining your essentials. Just use your phone to ring your stuff, or see where you last had it on a map.

Losing your keys sucks, but losing your wallet might be even worse. With everything in your wallet, from cash and cards to IDs and personal photos, once a wallet is gone it’s nearly impossible to get everything back, and replacing all those cards is a nightmare. Ekster’s Tracker Card is one of the most unique gifts for the impossible man because it improves his life and looks cool. This sleek piece of tech is the size of a credit card, solar powered, and pairs with his phone, making any wallet 100% trackable.

A man sitting in the front seat of a land rover car, in his right hand he is holding a carbon fiber cardholder wallet.

4. Carbon Fiber Cardholder

A space-grade forged carbon fiber smart wallet built for quick access. This cardholder fans out your cards at the click of a button and the expandable metal backplate allows you to carry more while keeping a slim profile.

Last but not least, here’s another great idea for gifts for the impossible man in 2022- the Carbon Fiber Cardholder. If he knows anything about pro sports, he will have heard of this super metal, known to be incredibly strong and lightweight. This metal cardholder is made from 3K carbon fiber and comes in two unique patterns. Decked with fast-access pop-up cards and 360º data protection, he will appreciate knowing his cards are always protected and the ability to get them quickly.

A man's hands, in his right he is holding an AirTag cardholder wallet, with his left he is removing a card from the wallet.

Trying to find the best gifts for the impossible man in 2022 is a pain when you don’t know where to look. Luckily, here at Ekster, we design time-saving gear that helps men move through the world with more confidence. Our award-winning designs integrate the best materials with the most advanced modern features to create products that genuinely improve your day. The next time you're looking for gifts for the impossible man, head on over to Ekster for the perfect gift.

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