It took me a while to admit it, but I own the truth now: I am a Monica. If you’ve seen Friends, you've probably got some sort of opinion on that. Myself, I'm not afraid to say I'm an organization nerd.

I love those binders which help you separate all your papers, like a filing cabinet. One of my favourite accessories is my Secretary, which has an RFID pocket specifically designed for cards I want to keep safer. And I really love apps which help me keep track of my life, because I can carry them around with me, and I’m never more than one tap away from information.

In the last year, I’ve started using three apps which have made it so much easier for me to connect the dots and understand my tasks, my cash flow, and my daily routine (without making me jump through hoops to do it). If you’re a Monica, if you’re tired of being lost on your tasks, if you just want a little more control over where your cash goes: you’ll want to read this.

Clear is the revolutionary to-do and reminders app that makes you more productive. Just start typing to add to-dos, and once you start organizing your life with Clear you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. - Simple gestural design that allows you to focus on your to-dos.


Dyme is a Dutch company that uses smart and innovative technologies to help its users understand their personal finances and inform them about potential financial opportunities. By connecting to a users' bank account, Dyme gives a clear overview of fixed costs and offers a one-click cancellation and switching of subscriptions.


An app-based standard bank account that streamlines all your expenses, gives you live notifications, and lives up to its bold claim: it's a bank you'll love to use.

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