4 Ways We Are Traveling Differently in 2022

Remember when traveling was as simple as buying a ticket and bringing your passport? Before ever-changing travel restrictions, insane prices for antigen tests, and the constant threat of picking up a virus. Looking back, 2019 was a much simpler time. In the post-pandemic world, travel looks pretty different and our travel essentials reflect that. Here, we’re looking at the main ways travel has changed and what you need to make traveling as smooth as possible.

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We’re avoiding contact as much as possible

If you’ve left the house in the last 2 years you’re aware that new safety precautions to prevent the spread of germs are a part of daily life. Especially when traveling, it’s more important than ever to limit contact as much as possible. Besides the classic mask and hand sanitizer duo, there are other ways to avoid excessive touching and keep yourself and others safe.

Ekster’s discrete trigger wallets have a dedicated spot for your most used contactless card so you can scan and go without needing to open your wallet. Available in metal, leather, or vegan options, our fast-access wallets also offer easy access to the rest of your wallet so you can avoid fumbling through card slots.

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Our travel checklist is getting longer

Now, more than ever, we need to be prepared far in advance for travel. Changing entry requirements for different countries, less flight availability, and random cancellations have made spontaneous travel less common and everything has to be well organized. With stories of people being trapped overseas or in transit, making sure you don’t lose your bag abroad is more important than ever.

One of the most foolproof ways to make sure you never lose your luggage is with a tracking device for bags or wallets. Ekster’s Tracker Card is a discrete rechargeable tracking device that can be used for any type of luggage, such as backpacks or suitcases, as well as wallets and purses. Simply pair the tracker with your smartphone to pinpoint the exact location of your bag or wallet on a map. You can create personalized alerts for different situations, for example, you can program your tracker to send an alert to your phone if your bag moves more than 20 feet away from you. This is perfect for stressful airport situations where you can easily leave something behind by mistake.

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The prices for baggage are rising

One effect of changing travel has unfortunately been a rise in the cost of airplane extras, like better seats, flight meals, and baggage. With many people reconsidering vacation purely based on baggage costs, we’re figuring out how to pack smarter to avoid those higher prices. Sometimes the smaller carry-on suitcases just don’t provide the best packing solutions for people who are looking to maximize carry while minimizing bulk.

A great carry-on option that fits in overhead bins and offers a huge carry capacity is The Weekender. This recent release from Ekster is made from durable canvas with full-grain leather details. Its dedicated compartments help organize everything you need for a short trip with spots for shoes, electronics, clothes, and sports gear. This is the perfect travel bag to avoid big baggage costs next time you fly.

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Business and pleasure are more mixed than ever

With remote and hybrid working conditions becoming the new norm, the distance between business and pleasure is getting smaller. More and more people are living the digital nomad lifestyle, mixing work and vacation into one. This means preparing for travel looks more holistic, and the flight choice reason between “business” or “pleasure”, looks more obsolete.

If you’re planning a business trip and vacation, or a short-term move to another country, packing and planning get a bit more difficult. Instead of choosing a business-trip bag or vacation bag, you need one that can do it all. When choosing your next all-around travel bag, go for one made from high-quality materials that won’t rip or break throughout your journey. Opt also for functionally designed accessories that maximize carry while minimizing size.

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