Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

What do you buy for a man who has everything? Shopping for a man on Valentine’s Day can be difficult and too often, cheesy. Instead of going the normal route, surprise him with a cool, modern gift that will actually improve his life. Read our men’s gift guide to discover a unique gift for any personality and style, from high-tech tracking devices to smart leather wallets.


If he loves to hike… Carbon Fiber Cardholder

How much everything in your backpack weighs is super important when it comes to hiking. This wallet is made from 3K carbon fiber, a metal renowned for being very strong while extremely lightweight. This is why it’s used in extreme sports equipment like skis, bikes, and cars. To put it into numbers, 3k carbon fiber is 10 times stronger than steel but less than ½ the weight.

The Carbon Fiber Cardholder is slim enough to fit in a front pocket but offers space for 12+ cards. He can access his most important cards at the click of a button thanks to our trigger wallet design, also known as pop-up cards. You can even brag that this wallet protects his cards from wireless theft thanks to RFID protection for extra brownie points.


If he works in the city… Matte Parliament

Impress your urban fella this Valentine's Day with a smart wallet designed precisely for his lifestyle. This is modern matte leather is engineered to resist water, pollution, and grime better than other leather. Thanks to a special treatment process, this leather is able to absorb oils and light to form a patina over time without absorbing dirt and moisture. Our matte leather also offers a better grip for fast-moving lifestyles.

The Matte Parliament is a slim leather wallet, holding the same capacity as an old-fashioned bifold but it is a fraction of the size. This smart leather wallet offers fast-card access to save time when grabbing the bus, subway, or at checkout. He won’t be holding up any lines or fumbling around in tight pockets with this simple yet functional wallet. Plus, RFID blocking protects him from wireless theft in crowded spaces.


If he tends to be forgetful… Key Tracker

No man’s perfect, and some are a bit more forgetful than others. Whether he’s forgetful or just wants extra security, getting a tracker for his keys is the perfect gift idea for Valentine's Day. This allows him to pinpoint his key's location on a map anywhere, anytime from his smartphone.

The Key Tracker is discrete tracking device that attaches to your keys and pairs with any smartphone. It comes with two-way ringing, so you can call your phone from your keys or your keys from your phone, voice-activation, and a built-in LED light for navigating in the dark. This key tracker makes lost keys a thing of the past.


If he dresses to impress… Fortuna Parliament

If you’re shopping for a man on Valentine's Day who likes a little class, a full-grain leather wallet is a unique and beautiful gift that will have him thinking of you every time he uses it. A stylish and modern leather wallet is the perfect addition to his ensemble that will make a statement at dinner parties, work meetings, and professional events.

The Fortuna Parliament is made from environmentally certified full-grain leather with elegant gold details. Its updated design offers lots of space for business cards, credit cards, and cash. He will be impressed with the sleek fast-card access and RFID protection. Available in several different leather finishes, he will appreciate that this wallet matches his other leather accessories like shoes, briefcase, or watch.


If he’s old school… The Modular Bifold

If you’re shopping on Valentine's Day for an old-school gentleman who might not be ready for card focused wallet, go for an updated version of the classic bifold. Made from environmentally-certified full-grain leather, this wallet is made to last and only gets better with age forming a unique patina.

The Modular Bifold is a classic wallet design with modern enhancements. Inside he will find a magnetic leather cardholder that can easily be detached and reattached. If he just needs his most important cards he can grab the cardholder and if he needs the whole wallet he has that option, too. The inner magnetic cardholder also offers RFID protection the prevent wireless theft when he is out and about.

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