This Matte Leather Resists Dirt and Offers More Grip

Leather wallets have a timeless, authentic quality that just can’t be imitated by other materials. And while high-quality leather is naturally durable and robust, it can be scratched or stained easily and can be dreadfully hard to clean. Thankfully, this new kind of matter leather, featured in Ekster’s limited-edition Matte Parliament Collection, is water-resist, dirt-resistant, and even offers more grip, making it perfect for city-living.

Person’s hand removing credit card from RFID-blocking black Parliament wallet

Weather Resist

This special type of matte leather is more weather-resistant than normal leather without losing any of its desirable qualities. After our environmentally sourced full-grain hides are naturally vegetable-tanned to the ideal texture a special resin is applied giving it a matte finish. This resin allows lets the leather breath, meaning it’s still able to absorb light, movement, and oils to form a patina but doesn’t let water or dirt in as easily.

Person’s hand removing credit card from RFID-blocking black Parliament wallet with cash in cash band

The Perfect City Wallet

The Matte Parliament makes the perfect leather wallet for city living thanks to this dirt and water-resistant leather that offers extra grip. This wallet also comes equipped with modern, time-saving features like fast-card access and RFID protection. At the click of a button easily eject your cards in a staggered manner for easy access and rest easy knowing everything in your wallet is protected from wireless theft. You can even add a wallet tracker so you can locate your wallet instantly on a map if you lose it.

RFID-blocking Parliament wallet open with cash in cash band on top of center car console

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