5 Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything

Finding Father’s Day gifts for dads who have everything, and want nothing, may seem impossible. But we’re here to bust that myth. Here are five ideas to help you surprise your dad with an unexpected gift he’ll love… even if he thinks he already has everything he needs.

1. Ekster wallet: A smart replacement for his bulky bifold

An Ekster smart wallet is one of those rare Father’s Day gifts he’ll treasure for many years to come. Not only is it way more streamlined than a bifold from the 1980s, but your dad will love the quick card ejection mechanism that instantly fans out his most-used cards at the push of a button. Goodbye fumbling for the right card, hello James Bond-esque moves at the checkout counter.

Available in a range of premium leathers, these smart wallets are guaranteed to impress your dad and stand the test of time.



2. Finder Card: Make his wallet unlosable

By far one of the coolest gifts for Father’s Day is something that offers your dad more than a physical item… it’s the gift of peace of mind. The one thing every dad needs!

Carbon Forged


The Ekster Finder Card is a revolution in item tracking, making your dad’s wallet, passport, golf clubs, luggage, anything that can fit a credit card-sized tracker, unlosable. 

It works with the Apple Find My® app, letting Dad view its location on a worldwide map on his iPhone. It also has voice activation with Siri® so he can track his wallet hands-free by asking Siri to ring it. Your dad is guaranteed to hear where his belongings are hiding with the loud 95 dB ringer. 

Best of all, the Finder Card is rechargeable and lasts up to six months on a single charge. Not only will your dad not have to remember where he left his wallet anymore; he won’t need to remember to charge his wallet tracker often either. 

Gifting Tip: Get an Ekster Wallet and Finder Card at a discounted rate when you buy them together. Give your dad a trackable wallet and watch his face light up.




3. Tool Card: A gift for dads who like to be prepared

Your dad might have every tool known to man in his garage, but this little multitool is the on-the-go, ready-for-anything accessory he never even knew he needed.

The Ekster Tool Card is the size of a credit card, so he can pop it in his wallet or keep it in the car and be prepared for anything. 

It’s a 7-in-1 multitool made from 304 stainless steel, including 5-inch wrenches, a flathead screwdriver, metric and inch rulers, a box opener, bottle opener, SIM card pin, and it even doubles as a phone stand when you insert a card into the dedicated slot. 


You can get this Tool Card for free when you spend $90 or more with Ekster’s Father’s Day sale.

Milled Brown

4. Ekster cardholder: A hard wallet resistant to wear and tear

If your dad’s a little rough around the edges, he needs a wallet that can keep up. Say hello to the Ekster Cardholder: a durable smart wallet built from tough materials that withstand rugged use.

Available in space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum or 3K carbon fiber, these cardholders aren’t just strong; they’re smart too. They come with built-in RFID protection against wireless theft and give your dad quick card access at the push of a button.Now, just because it’s durable doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, right? These cardholders are ultra-slim and made to impress because they keep a low profile with their slim pocket fit while maximizing storage with expandable backplates and cash straps.

5. Key Tracker: He’ll never panic over lost keys again

Every dad loses his keys now and then – or forgets where he put them and sets the whole household off on a treasure hunt. So, the best gift for any dad is a solution to a problem he’ll never solve on his own… remembering where he left his keys. 

Ekster® products showcased - DSC_4053

Ekster’s Key Tracker is the smallest key tracker out there but it packs a big punch! It hooks onto any sized keychain and shows you its map location on your phone. Two-way ringing lets you ring your keys from your phone or you can ring your phone from the tracker by pressing its button.

It also has voice activation, a selfie mode, and a built-in LED light to ensure your dad never has to fumble for a keyhole in the dark again (or scratch his card door – don’t tell him you know it was him).

Gifts for Dad, Sorted

If your dad’s not impressed by the gifts on our list, then he really is the dad who has everything and we salute him. But we sincerely hope these gift ideas for Dad Day put a big smile on your dad’s face and get you that coveted “Favorite Child” award.


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