Let’s be honest, most companies talk a lot about environmental sustainability, but unless it's profitable, “going green” is just a buzzword for marketing departments. The most meaningful way a company can become environmentally conscious is by building it into the production and function of their products.

At Ekster, we are proud to be the first ever company to make solar-powered trackers; we've also created the most advanced solar panel in the world, as reported by Forbes. In the words of our founders, “with a team of ten engineers and a long two-year process, we managed to develop a solar panel that doesn't need direct sunlight,” and because of that work, Ekster has a patent pending on the most efficient small battery solar panel in the world.

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What does this mean for you? You can rest easy: your product uses a solar energy source, so you're staying charged without using up power. What this means for us at Ekster is that we're at the forefront of solar technology, paving a path for others to follow. But there are several reasons that we chose to work with solar energy, and here's five of them.


When we say waste, we mean products with batteries that have to be replaced. It's not just bad for the environment; it's also not great for your wallet, especially when you can just harvest solar power for your device. In a few years, it'll be mind-boggling to think of the archaic ways in which we charge and power our devices. With new solar energy technology, we don't have to do this anymore; that's one of the core principles we implement in our product development at Ekster. We believe that every individual, as a global citizen, can make meaningful changes to cut down on waste. This is just one of them.

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If you've seen our post on decluttering, you'll know it takes time and effort to manage. We have a different approach: it's easier to eliminate than to organize clutter. We've also spent way too much time looking for that one cable in a drawer full of random wires which all look identical, and it's annoying. Some of the most expensive tech in the market today still relies on charging cables. But our unique social energy invention eliminates the need for a wired solution; solar charging lasts for weeks and doesn't need to be plugged in at all, unlike our smartphones.


It’s kind of crazy that in 2019, we're still worrying about battery life on our devices. Where you, your phone and your laptop go, so do a multitude of cables to keep you charged and connected. It's inconvenient, and you shouldn't have to live this way with all your devices. Ekster's solar cell technology doesn't require direct sunlight. This makes it so that you're always charging your wallet tracker, even if it's laying in the shade or under your coffee table. (pro-tip: you can give it a power charge with your phone flash-light) Where you go, your wallet gets charged, and you don't have to think about it.

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Design was another driving force behind our decision to use solar energy. By that, we're not only talking about aesthetics, but also function. Swapping out removable batteries with solar energy means the tracker is ultra-thin. You could argue that it's an obvious change to make, but you'd be surprised; battery charging is so prevalent that most people don't even consider solar energy harvesting to be effective. But it's good for the environment, it's good for time, and it's good for peace of mind. You can't say the same about batteries, which take up both space and weight.

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We believe our everyday items should fit into our lives, not the other way round. No matter how expensive or advanced a device is, it needs to withstand the wear and tear which comes with everyday use. That includes getting wet. When you think about it, it's really odd: rain and water have always been everyday factors, but waterproof devices are still heralded as cutting-edge features. We believe you should be able to use your devices without worrying about a little water in them; since our trackers don't have any openings, water can't damage them. That's another way in which harvesting solar energy can make your life easier.

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