6 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for The Modern Man in Your Life

What Do You Get for a Modern Man?

When you’re trying to get a Christmas gift that a man in your life will love, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by options. Many of the items advertised as “great gifts for men” tend to be a bit impractical or unnecessary. There are plenty of gadgets, clothing items, tools, and knick-knacks out there, and it’s easy to look at a potential gift and wonder, “Will this ever get used?” Luckily, this helpful article gives you six perfect last-minute Christmas gifts for the modern man in your life that he’ll actually use.

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1. A High-Quality Laptop Sleeve

These days, a laptop is a must-have at all times for many men. One of the best gifts you can get for the modern man in your life is a stylish laptop case. When you’re on the go and need your laptop by your side throughout the day, you need a good storage system to keep your computer and its accessories organized.

This is where Ekster’s high-quality laptop sleeve comes in. With room for a 13-inch laptop, charger, mouse, notebook, pens, and other necessities, the sleeve is a must-have for anyone who works on their laptop. The sleeve is extremely versatile and can function as a minimalistic briefcase for anyone who just needs their laptop and its accessories to get work done. If you have more gear to carry, you can easily fit the sleeve into your backpack or briefcase and get going. It's a perfect gift for any man who loves to streamline, simplify, and organize his life.

2. An iPhone Case-Wallet Hybrid

Reducing the number of items you need to carry can be a game-changer. It simplifies the steps you need to take to get ready and be out the door each morning and means one less thing to lose. One of the best gifts to give a man in your life is something that consolidates two essential items that he uses each day. This is where Ekster’s wallet phone cases come in.

Made from high-quality leather, the Ekster iPhone cases are available for the iPhone 11 and the iPhone X and XS. The cases provide easy access to credit and debit cards, ID, and cash right on the back of your iPhone. This saves precious time and cuts the potential for losing one of the essentials in your daily carry in half.

3. A Smart Tracking Card

Are you looking for a gift for a man in your life who’s prone to losing his stuff? If so, look no further than Ekster’s smart tracker cards. These credit card-sized, solar-powered trackers can be paired with Ekster wallets to make them unlosable. You can also throw a tracker in your laptop case to keep it from getting lost.

Ekster’s tracker cards work in tandem with your phone and allow for easy recovery of your misplaced gear. You can ping a tracker card from your phone and instantly locate it. Or, if you lost your wallet or another piece of gear while out and about, you can use the card’s GPS to pin down its last known location.

Whether you’re looking for something for a forgetful man who you love, or just aiming to get a useful gift for anyone, Ekster’s tracker card is a game-changer. Using one means peace of mind, time saved, and easy recovery of your missing gear.

4. A New Twist on the Classic Wallet

If your man is in desperate need of a new wallet, Ekster has him covered. With the Modular bifold, he’ll get a new and improved take on a familiar design. The Modular bifold wallet takes the classic wallet design and updates it for the modern world. It’s extremely slim and compact while still roomy enough to hold all the essentials. Plus, you can easily pair it with a smart tracker card to make it impossible to lose.

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The Modular bifold wallet is great for a modern purist, someone who appreciates the classic things in life but keeps one foot in the future. It’s classy and stylish enough to satisfy the needs of the sharpest-dressed men, but practical and functional enough for the no-nonsense essentialists. With multiple RFID-protected slots for cards and IDs, space for cash, and a detachable cardholder, the Modular bifold retains the classic wallet design but innovates and reinvents it for the modern man.

5. A Reinvented Wallet Design

If the classic bifold wallet style doesn’t sound quite right, another great gift option for a modern man in your life is Ekster’s Parliament wallet. This design is a departure from the standard style of the wallet. The Parliament fits perfectly with the busyness of life, offering quick access to cards with the push of a button. Plus, there’s a multipurpose strap on the wallet that can store cash. The strap and card ejection design make for a slim, sleek, and stylish wallet that is just as much a fashion statement and accessory as it is a practical tool.

When you’re picking out a gift for a man in your life, it’s important to think about the purpose your gift will serve. One of the best reasons to give the gift of a good wallet is the guarantee that it will make life easier for any man. Regardless of lifestyle, career, and hobbies, every man needs a good wallet. It’s an essential for getting by in the modern world. This means giving a great wallet as a gift gives you the guarantee that your gift won’t end up returned or left in its box on a shelf. It’s a practical, purposeful, and thoughtful present that the modern-minded man in your life is certain to love.

5. For the Traveler: A Durable Cash Clip

Need a stocking stuffer for a man who loves to travel? Go for Ekster’s discrete and durable cash clip. If you’re giving a gift to a globetrotting man this Christmas, the cash clip is a perfect little present to add on to something else. Traveling with your fully stocked wallet isn’t always the best idea, especially when there’s a chance of getting pickpocketed. This is where a cash clip comes in handy. Great for times when a traveler wants to avoid catching the attention of pickpockets,, the Ekster cash clip lets you discretely store the bills you need while on the go.

The Ekster cash clip also makes a perfect gift for anyone working in the service industry and taking home tips every night. If you’re giving a gift to a waiter, bartender, barista, or anyone else who leaves work with cash tips, the cash clip will be a game-changer. Plus, the Ekster cash clip can hold a few cards if you’re looking for a tiny and packable alternative to your wallet when traveling light.

Men Need Gifts They’ll Actually Use

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Instead of grabbing a gift that’s going to end up getting returned, exchanged, or left on a shelf after the holidays end, get the modern man in your life a gift that he’ll actually use. Ekster offers minimalistic products that simplify life and have practical uses and aesthetic beauty. When you’re unsure what to get a man for Christmas and time is running short, a great wallet, laptop sleeve, phone case, or even a cash clip are all perfect options. Stylish and useful, Ekster’s products will level up any man’s daily carry.





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