6 Unique Travel Accessories for Men

The best way to ensure an unforgettable trip is make sure you don’t forget to pack the essentials. Being well-prepared with the right travel accessories can mean the difference between your adventure going off without a hitch or wishing you’d just stayed home. But travel accessories go way beyond a functional backpack. As the makers of better gear for life on the move, we’ve rounded up our most unique and helpful travel essentials that will make your trip that much smoother and make sure you’re prepared for anything that comes your way. Any of these accessories also make a perfect gift for the travel-obsessed man in your life.

man removing a card from a leather wallet with tracker

1. The Parliament Wallet

Whether a short weekend trip or a month of international backpacking, a wallet is one of the most essential travel accessories for men. This is arguably the most important accessory because it carries the funds that grant you access to everything you want to do on your trip. For anyone who has lost a wallet in transit, you know this nightmare is best avoided at all costs. That’s what makes the Parliament Wallet our top travel essential: this wallet is nearly impossible to lose thanks to a bluetooth tracker. Simply pair the tracker with your phone to locate it on a map and receive separation alerts if you accidentally leave it behind. This wallet also comes with fast-card access so you can quickly grab just the card you need without keeping your wallet out for too long. Plus, RFID protection prevents the possibility of wireless theft so you never need to worry about your data being stolen while on the move.

man removing card from an aluminum wallet with tracker

2. Aluminum Cardholder

If you want an even more minimalist and ultra-durable travel wallet, the Aluminum Cardholder is the way to go. This slim metal wallet is made from space-grade aluminum that can withstand almost anything, so you never have to worry about wear and tear. When traveling, choosing space-efficient accessories helps keep baggage costs low and ensures you’re not weighed down by unnecessary bulk. The Aluminum Cardholder takes up less than half the space of a normal wallet while offering space for up to 15 cards plus cash. This metal wallet also comes with fast-card access and RFID protection so you can move through any situation quickly and securely. You can also pair this wallet with a bluetooth wallet tracker to avoid any potential loss while abroad, making it one of the best travel accessories for men.

man holding weekender bag next to car on the beach

3. The Weekender

The next most important travel accessory is the bag you choose to carry and can mean the difference between a stress free trip or a tense journey. This versatile bag adapts seamlessly to your needs with dedicated pockets that keep delicate tech, personal care items, and clothes separated and protected. Inside this bag you’ll find hidden pockets for laptops, tablets, power banks, a special compartment for shoes, and even a waterproof wet bag for swimsuits and towels. The Weekender can be used as a carry-on bag or as a check-in bag on most flights and is made from rip-resistant canvas with leather finishes so it stays looking and working good for years to come. If you're looking to invest in some travel accessories for men guaranteed to impress, this bag is a good way to go.

man holding a slim leather wallet in one hand and a tracker for wallets in the other

4. Tracker Card

Losing something while on vacation is a surefire way to ruin any trip, but not to worry - we’ve got your back. The Tracker Card is a small yet powerful bluetooth tracker that pairs to your phone and can be added to virtually any accessory, from wallets to backpacks, to make it impossible to lose. This unique travel accessory for men allows the user to find what they're looking for using a map on their phone or receive separation alerts if they leave it behind. The Tracker Card uses a combination of bluetooth connection and a global lost-and-found network so it can be tracked anywhere in the world no matter the distance. You can also use the ping feature to ring your wallet or smaller paired accessory if it’s hidden in a dark place that makes it hard to spot with sight alone.

man holding a trackable key fob in one hand and an iPhone in the other

5. Key Tracker

In the vein of trackable travel essentials, our number 5 pick is a smaller version of the wallet tracker card specially designed for your keys. The key tracker is one the best travel accessories for men because it gives him the ability to track his keys from his phone no matter where he is in the world. This tracker attaches easily to most key fobs and pairs with a smartphone to locate keys on a map or ping them if lost. The Key Tracker offers tracking with up to a 1 meter accuracy so you can pinpoint exactly where your keys are located and can be voice-activated. Simply ask, “hey Siri, where are my keys?” to receive a precise location. Plus, this key tracker has a built-in LED light to help you find your keys if lost in the dark or to illuminate locks in low light. What’s more is that this subtle tracker also doubles as a remote control for group selfies - no matter asking strangers for embarrassing tourist pictures.

man's hand holding a credit card mutli tool

6. Tool Card

Last but definitely not least is one of our favorite travel accessories for men - the Tool Card. This credit-card shaped multi tool packs a whopping 8 distinct tools into a thin stainless steel frame that can fit in your wallet. It includes a 5-inch wrench, SIM pin, flathead screwdriver, phone stand, box opener, bottle opener, metric ruler, and inch ruler. This is an ideal gift for the travel-obsessed man in your life because it lets him stay prepared for anything that might come his way but takes up a small enough space to easily take anywhere. Plus, this tool card is fully TSA-approved so he can take it in the cabin with him.

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