8 Gifts for Groomsmen | Awesome Ideas for Your Best Friends

The big day is almost here. You and the bride-to-be have been planning for what seems like ages, and you have all your ducks in a row—or so you think.

Of course, at the last minute, you realize that you need to get gifts for your best friends, the groomsmen who you invited to the wedding to stand beside you and grant their eternal support. They’re playing a vital role in this whole production, and they deserve something more than a pat on the back!

Choosing gifts for groomsmen isn’t easy since you need to buy several items at once, and you don’t always know where interests overlap. You need some surefire selections that will put a smile on every face in the lineup and will surely see some use in real life.

Here is a list of the eight greatest gifts you could possibly give to your trusted crew of groomsmen. You can’t miss with any of these picks, so browse them all and see what works best. Finally, it should go without saying: Congratulations!

1. Quick And Easy Cash Clips

If you truly waited until the last minute to get a gift for the gentlemen, you can always load up a few bills into a cool cash clip and make things easy. Admittedly, it isn’t the most original gift, but green is everyone’s favorite color at the end of the day.

Plus, that cash clip will certainly come in handy at some point, so don’t think this is a cop-out gift at all. Find one that offers both style and stability, and the fellas are going to bring it with them for every future night out.

Whenever your friends reach into their pockets to pay for drinks or place a bet on the game, they will definitely raise a glass to you, the groom!

2. Wallet Trackers To Never Forget

The wedding weekend is a time when we all leave the daily madness behind and come together for a beautiful celebration. But when life resumes as normal, your best buds will get back to the grind and deal with mundanity and stress like everyone else.

A great gift will give them some extra peace of mind in a fast-paced world, and a quality wallet tracker is just the thing. Everyone loses track of their wallet now and then, and in a densely populated city, it’s almost always as good as gone.

With a tracker card fit snugly in the folds of your friends’ wallets, they’ll never again have to worry about replacing their lost wallet and filling it back up again from square one. Expect to get some enthusiastic voice messages thanking you over and over for your brilliant gift!

3. Minimalist Key Holders

Your groomsmen may be a ragtag bunch of family men, bachelors, serious businessmen, and lovable underachievers. All of these people have one thing in common—they all carry keys on the daily.

Whether those keys are organized neatly is another story. Most keychains are overloaded with various keys and trinkets, and it’s always a challenge to find the right one for the situation.

Help your groomsmen get their act together by gifting a minimalist key holder that holds up to eight keys and can be operated with just one hand. Every time they open the mailbox, enter the house, or start up their car, you will be the one to thank.

4. Slim Yet Sturdy Bifold Wallets

A wedding is a classy occasion, with everyone dressed to the nines and champagne flowing all weekend. It’s a taste of the high life for many, and it makes sense that your groomsmen gift would capture that first-class vibe.

By gifting quality leather bifold wallets to the gents at your wedding, you can assure that each man takes a bit of classic style and utility with them back to the real world.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to suits, shoes, and hairstyles, but these wallets are universally masculine and can hold more than enough cash and cards at any time. Not to mention, they age like fine wine, which can also be said about your friendship with your best mates.

Find a bifold wallet that hits all the right notes and make it a group gift to remember.

5. Laptop Sleeves With Style

In our digital world, every man keeps his laptop within close reach. It’s his passport to the world, and typically his avenue to income, now that most professionals are working from home or on the road.

Give each one of your groomsmen a high-functioning laptop sleeve that protects their precious technology and gives them the ability to quickly pack up and get moving. There’s no telling where they may go next in their lives—they’re not the ones tying the knot!

The world’s best sleeves aren’t just simple leather folios. They also contain various straps and compartments to hold all those chargers, cables, and accessories. A man’s laptop is arguably his most important possession in the 21st century, so do your friends a favor and give them some extra protection.

6. Uncrushable iPhone Cases

Best friends always have each others’ backs, so it’s time you started looking out for their phones, too. A dropped phone can result in hundreds of dollars in damage and many lost hours, so gift a top-quality iPhone case to add a much-needed layer of defense.

Not only could a well-built phone case save one of your buds from disaster, but it also gives them a style boost with a classic, minimal design. Once you get used to the look and feel of a great case, you simply can’t go back.

Find your pals an iPhone case that can be customized with add-ons and so they can maximize their everyday carry with ease.

7. Sleek Smart Wallets

Does your crew have an insatiable love for the latest and greatest tech? We all know those guys who need the newest gear, and a futuristic smart wallet could be just the gift for them.

Look for a wallet loaded with smart features like a quick-trigger release mechanism for multiple cards and RFID-blocking capabilities to protect your buddies’ card info from being stolen in public. Even the most cautious and careful men are susceptible to those sneaky hackers out there.

Present each groomsman with their own smart wallet, and you will forever be remembered as the greatest groom to ever stand at the altar.

8. No-Worry Key Trackers

Your wedding weekend will be spent making memories, but there will be some late-night moments that maybe aren’t recollected so clearly. It’s during times like these that we all get a little forgetful, and even the sharpest among us can lose track of our keys amid the chaos.

Give the gift of a smart key finder, and your closest pals will never be left out in the cold without their keys, even after the craziest party nights of their lives.


A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion (hopefully), and your best friends showed up for you in a big way. Give them one of these amazing gifts and give them the gratitude they deserve.





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