The 3 Best Gifts for Professional Men

The art of gift-giving is a subtle skill, one that, without expertise, will see you scrolling endlessly through Google results, with “the best gift for men” as your only idea in a world with too many options. But no more. If you’ve found your way to Ekster, you’re already several steps closer to finding the perfect gifts for professional men that you aren’t ashamed to see unwrapped. Unlike that sad tie, or the gimmicky “infuse-your-own-whiskey” kit, these handpicked gifts are our go-to’s to make you look like an expert gift-giver and fill the business man you’re shopping for with happiness and pride. Read on to find the best gifts for businessmen, courtesy of Ekster.

Ekster laptop case with Parliament wallet and smart accessories

Impressive Presents for Businessmen

When shopping for gifts for professional men, you have to consider their specific lifestyle and the essence they embody. Professional men are often attending multiple business meetings, communicating with customers and/or traveling frequently, so opting for tech gifts and minimalist accessories is always a good bet.

Professional men have specific needs and desires that center around looking and feeling their best, dressing to impress, and streamlining daily life. Since they are always busy, it’s easy for a well-intentioned gift to become just another thing that gets in the way, so don’t mess around with quality and functionality when it comes to shopping for the best gifts for businessmen..

Coming up, we will reveal our top three gifts for professional men, guaranteed to impress.

laptop on a bench with a weekend travel bag on the floor

Our Favorite Gift for Businessmen: The Weekender

Every boss man needs a boss bag that gets him from point A to B with ease, comfort, and style. While briefcases are classically luxurious, they can be a little old-fashioned: who is carrying around stacks of paper and notebooks anymore? Backpacks are also an option that you may see around the office, but for some professional men, backpacks are a little too “college campus” and don’t give the right impression.

That’s why we created the Cadillac of multipurpose bags: The Weekender.

Despite its name, this bag is for all adventures. Part gym bag, office bag, and carry-on bag, this innovative all-in-one carry companion is a premium option for business men who want to make a statement with their accessories while also enjoying the high-tech features of our modern design. The Weekender bag not only organizes everything you need for the workday and beyond, but can also be paired with a Tracker Card and Powerbank to make it unlosable and let you charge on the go.

The Weekender specs

Check out why this made the list for the best gifts for businessmen:

  • A multipurpose duffel bag with an updated design
  • Made from rip-resistant material and premium, environmentally certified leather
  • Wet bag for dirty shoes and clothes
  • Protective microfiber tech pocket
  • Easy access pockets

Get your hands on this limited edition duffel while supplies last!

person holding the Ekster Parliament wallet

The Parliament Wallet: A Great Gift for any Businessman

Every man, regardless of style, profession, age, or income, carries a wallet. This is one of the most important accessories for me, but especially for business men. Your wallet signifies to colleagues, partners, and potential clients a certain level of class and self-respect. Imagine going to pay after a business meeting at a nice restaurant, and your wallet is an old nylon piece of junk. A run-down wallet can easily make the difference between a good first impression and never getting called again, so the true business man takes his wallet seriously.

When looking for business gifts for men, the Parliament is an absolute no-brainer.

This premium leather wallet has all the allure of classic leather goods but offers so much more than a normal bifold. Its innovative design allows you to carry the same amount of stuff in a fraction of the size, so it takes up less space in suit pockets and offers a streamlined feel. Plus, the business man you’re shopping for will feel super sleek when he sees the fast access trigger cards. Simply press the thumb button to access cards faster and easier than ever before.

The Parliament specs

Check out why our Parliament wallet made the list:

  • A slim, fast-access wallet with an innovative design
  • Made from premium, full-grain leather
  • Pop up cards for ultra-fast access
  • Minimalist profile takes up less space in your pocket
  • Make it unloseable with a Tracker Card

All businessmen know that time is money. Well, sleek, slim leather wallet saves him time so he can get back to making the money, making it a great gift for professional men.

Ekster’s laptop case, Parliament wallet and iPhone on a luxury leather car seat.

An Ideal Gift for Any Businessman: Ekster’s Luxury Laptop Case

A laptop is to professional men what the batmobile is to Batman - indispensable. There are hardly any jobs in the modern world that don’t require you to have a laptop, but for top business men, it’s more like an extension of their bodies. Without their laptop, nothing would get done. It’s how they communicate with the world, make deals, and get the job done. Our laptop case is the ideal gift for professional men who need a way to protect and preserve their most important piece of technology.

That’s where we come in with the Ekster Laptop Sleeve.

This laptop sleeve doesn’t simply carry and protect, as every laptop case is expected to do, but it also makes organizing everything you need for the day more efficient. The worst feeling is getting all the way through your 45-minute commute only to remember you left your laptop charger at home. The Laptop Sleeve has a special spot for all the office essentials a professional man needs when he is on the go: chargers, notebook, laptop or tablet, cables, pen, and more.

The Laptop Sleeve specs

Features of our laptop case include:

  • Protective microfiber padding prevents scratches on tech
  • Custom elastic storage & hidden pockets for all the essentials
  • Secure magnetic closure makes organizing easy
  • Made from environmentally certified leather
  • A slim expandable profile takes up less space in your bag

If you’re looking for gifts for professional men in your life, or business gifts for male clients, this laptop organizer has a huge impact on his everyday life, but won’t break the bank.


The best gifts for businessmen are always going to be made by brands that understand the needs and desires of professional men. Style, quality, and functionality are super important for this discerning type of guy who isn’t easily fooled by gimmicks and isn’t impressed by useless junk. So if you want the intention and the execution of your gift to truly live up to his standards, shop for gifts for business men from Ekster. Not only do our products have over 10,000 five-star reviews from around the globe, but we’ve also been named “the best smart wallet in the world” by Forbes.

Buy a gift with Ekster today to benefit from a 1-year warranty and free shipping.

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