7 High School Graduation Gifts for Him | Help Him Navigate Manhood

To quote every cheesy yearbook ever printed, graduating high school is the beginning of the rest of your life, and it’s worth celebrating! Grads get their pictures taken, hold their diplomas with pride, and receive gifts from friends and family members as congratulations.

It’s nothing but good vibes and best wishes, but it can be tough to select a perfect gift for the occasion, especially when the recipient is a young man. You may not know his interests very well, his life path is unpredictable, and he probably doesn’t want a pair of socks.

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of items to buy for a young man who just graduated high school and is about to take a step into the great unknown that is manhood.

Scan these options, and you’re bound to find something that clicks. There’s something for everyone, whether he’s off to college, traveling around the world, or headed straight into the workforce.

1. iPhone Case + Modular Accessories

Even high-schoolers are carrying around high-tech smartphones these days, and let’s just say that they aren’t always careful with these expensive pieces of hardware.

Although your new grad may be responsible behind the wheel and in the classroom, there’s a big chance he’s going to drop his phone at some point, leaving the screen shattered or worse. We all know what a pain it can be to get even a minor repair done when life is happening all around you.

An iPhone case isn’t the flashiest gift in the world by any means, but it’s one that he will use every single day for years to come. The second he straps the case around his phone, he can live with a little bit more peace of mind and focus on the things that matter most.

Whether this young man is off to continue his education or move to the big city to get to work, there’s no telling what might happen. A great iPhone case will protect his investment and ensure he keeps this essential piece of tech in perfect condition.

If you’re feeling generous, throw in some modular accessories like a folio or card-carrying case to streamline his everyday carry and turn his iPhone into a mobile storage unit for cash and cards.

We've got a case for every phone:

2. Future-Proof Smart Wallet

Every high school grad loves to be on the cutting edge of tech, whether it’s the latest streaming service, video game console, or voice-activated device. It’s about time you gave your favorite grad a wallet that matches the rest of his tech collection—a smart wallet like no other.

The world’s best smart wallets are not only sleek and stylish, but they come loaded with technology straight out of a Jason Bourne or James Bond flick. What high-school graduate wouldn’t want something as cool as that?

Find a smart wallet that fits your gift budget but also includes all the key futuristic features you want. This could be a concealed card slot activated by a quick-click mechanism, an extra clip for cash, and premium leather that will only get better with age. Don’t forget about RFID-blocking technology!

Lots of smart wallets out there are imposters. Look for one with the right stuff, and it will last for years, becoming a real-life companion for your new grad as he voyages out into the world.

3. Quick And Easy Key Holder

Adult life is all about juggling responsibilities, relationships, and keys. Yes, lots of keys. The young man who just graduated high school will likely now have to access his dorm room, apartment, facilities at work or school, or any number of other places that require a key to enter.

Instead of just throwing all of his keys on a flimsy lanyard like so many of his peers, you can help this young man stand out from the crowd with a key holder that looks great and works like a charm.

Try to find a key holder that is built to last and has a classic design suitable for any high school grad. Will you be crowned the ultimate gift-giver of all time for this one? Maybe not, but you can be sure he will put it to good use once he leaves home and starts a life of his own.

4. Sleek Aluminum Cardholder

We’re headed toward an increasingly cashless world, and high school grads know this to be true more than any other segment of the population. They’ve been swiping cards as long as they remember, and it’s unlikely that they ever make a cash withdrawal from the ATM like older generations.

That’s why a solid aluminum cardholder could be a great gift for the grad in your life since he probably has at least five different cards floating around his pockets at any given time. From debit and credit cards to student IDs and gift cards from graduation, he’s got to put them all somewhere!

There are thousands of cheap plastic cardholders out there, so get him one made from materials built to last. Aluminum is the way to go, and it will be by his side for many years to come.

5. Classic Manly Bifold

It seems like only yesterday that your young man was running around the yard with no cares in the world. Now he’s becoming an adult, and it’s time for him to ditch that velcro nylon wallet for something more sturdy, masculine, and reliable.

Find your grad a leather bifold wallet that is built for men and looks the part too. You’ll know it when you see it: sturdy craftsmanship, genuine leather, and the perfect size to carry a life’s worth of bills and cards.

A modern bifold shouldn’t be chunky or flashy. Just old-school simplicity and design that will last years.

6. Laptop Sleeve Built For Anything

It doesn’t matter what job you set out to do these days—you’re going to need a laptop, and that device may become your livelihood at some point, given the direction things are headed.

That’s why a strong and versatile laptop sleeve can be such a powerful gift for a new grad. It gives him the assurance he needs to navigate the world with his laptop by his side, without ever having to worry about losing or breaking his crucial tech.

Some laptop sleeves are simply leather cases that don’t do much else. Those are fine, but you can do better than that. Find one with plenty of pockets, straps, and compartments so your grad can confidently take everything he needs with him in one go.

7. Loss-Proof Wallet And Key Trackers

Even if your grad was valedictorian, class president, and on a full scholarship to a top university, he’s going to lose his wallet or his keys at some point. It’s just a law of nature that can’t be broken!

Giving a gift like a wallet or key tracker could be a real lifesaver for a high school grad who is just on the verge of figuring life out for the first time. He’s going to appreciate it forever when you save him the hassle of replacing these pricey personal belongings more than once.


Make a lasting impression this graduation season and give one of these classic gifts to the young man with the brand new high school diploma!





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