Best Magsafe Cardholder to Keep Your Credit Card Info Secure

2022 is all about improving our lives with efficiency and finding smarter ways to live. An important part of this minimalist strategy is keeping your everyday carry down to a minimum so you can move through the world with ease and get back to doing what you love. An easy way to do this is with a magnetic phone wallet that combines your phone and wallet into one seamless accessory. A detachable magnetic wallet phone case lets you carry your most essential cards on the back of your phone, but the best MagSafe cardholder keeps everything slim and organized. But what is a MagSafe cardholder? Read on to find out and discover the best MagSafe cardholder to keep your info secure.

the best magsafe cardholder, a magnetic phone wallet with RFID protection

What is a MagSafe Cardholder?

So much of modern design is about combining many functions into one product. Where we used to have stationery for writing letters, landlines for making calls, and fax machines for sending documents - now you can do all that and more from a mobile device. From smart phones to smart wallets, everything is becoming streamlined.

MagSafe cardholder are a natural extension of streamlined technology.

A MagSafe cardholder is a detachable magnetic phone wallet that attaches to the back of your phone. Magnetic phone cases rely on MagSafe technology which uses modern magnets to allow iPhone users to attach different magnetic accessories, like AirTag finders or MagSafe cardholder.

Most magnetic phone wallets are slim and minimalist, holding just a few cards and room for cash. Some brands choose to keep their magnetic phone case wallet minimalist, while others give their magnetic phone case wallet more features. The best MagSafe cardholder has the right combination of minimalist design and smart features to offer you the best protection without becoming too bulky to sit comfortably in your pocket.

the best magsafe wallet, a detachable magnetic phone wallet with RFID protection

Magnetic Phone Cardholder: Which Ones Offer Protection?

While a magnetic phone wallet might look modern, not all offer modern protection. The best MagSafe cardholder is one that has RFID protection to prevent wireless theft. The cards you store in your magnetic phone wallet are vulnerable to a type of wireless theft called RFID-skimming where fraudulent card readers are used to swipe the info right from your pocket. The worst part is that this type of crime is incredibly hard to trace and any losses are nearly impossible to get back.

RFID skimming can happen anywhere, anytime, so it’s best to be prepared.

Particularly in touristic destinations, near airports, or in crowded cities where digital and physical pickpockets are most likely to look for victims. The last thing you want on vacation is for someone to steal your info and drain your bank account. Or worse, steal your identity.

You can easily prevent RFID skimming from even happening with the best MagSafe cardholder for protection: Ekster’s MagSafe cardholder. This slim leather cardholder attaches to your phone and offers 100% RFID protection against wireless theft. Let your wallet do the work and get back to living with the best MagSafe cardholder from Ekster.

black magnetic phone wallet with black RFID card holder wallet and black magnetic key holder

Detachable Magnetic Phone Case Wallet: How Does it Work?

To use your new detachable magnetic phone case wallet is incredibly simple because this product is so intuitively designed. The MagSafe magnets ensure perfect alignment every time you attach your detachable magnetic phone case wallet. Just hold your MagSafe cardholder near the back of your phone and it will snap into place. This smart magnetic technology holds the detachable magnetic phone case wallet securely in place but makes it easy to slide off, too.

Once you get the hang of taking your detachable magnetic phone case wallet on and off, select which cards you most often use; like your debit card, credit card, ID, and travel card. Insert your cards into the available card slots ensuring to push them all the way in. The easy access thumb slot is the best place to put your most used card.

best magsafe wallet, a magnetic phone case wallet with RFID protection that is detachable from iPhone

The Best MagSafe Cardholder for Protection

Finding the best MagSafe cardholder requires a combination of attractive design, a slim profile, and top-notch protection. If you’re looking for a detachable phone wallet all of these features are necessary to ensure you have the best experience, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Remember that any wallet is an investment and spending $10 more could mean the difference between years of use or your wallet falling apart after a couple of months. Go for a brand that is known for their innovative design when it comes to smart wallets.

black magsafe wallet - a magnetic phone wallet, black magnetic key holder, black leather laptop case

Conclusion: Get the best MagSafe Cardholder with RFID protection

Ekster’s MagSafe Cardholder comes in at just $31; a much lower price than Apple’s version and with magnets that are twice as strong. Ekster’s detachable phone case wallet also eradicates the possibility of wireless theft with RFID protection, so your card data is always safe. With storage for 3+ cards and some cash, this magnetic phone wallet is the perfect minimalist EDC essential that combines a card holder wallet, RFID cardholder, and phone case into one seamless accessory.

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