10 Best Waterproof Wallets - Keep Your Money & Cards Dry!

Feeling landlocked? It may be time to get to the beach, go out on the boat, or enjoy some fishing down at the lake. The thing is, your wallet may end up waterlogged if you slip up or dive in without taking it out of your pocket. It happens to the best of us!

Most wallets are not water-resistant to any degree, and one wrong move can leave your beloved leather wallet ruined forever. That’s why you should always keep a waterproof wallet on deck for when you adventure along the coast.

Here are the ten best waterproof (or water-resistant) wallets to consider picking up.

1. Matte Parliament Wallet From Ekster

Many water-resistant wallets sacrifice style and class to meet more durable standards. That’s not the case with Ekster’s Matte Parliament Wallet, which draws on classic design and features some of the most advanced technology in the industry.

The Parliament is known for its quick-access card mechanism, which instantly fans out six cards with the flick of a switch, then retracts them into a no-slip storage compartment. RFID blocking technology comes standard, and you can also add a tracking card that makes your wallet impossible to lose no matter where you go in the world.

This wallet is part of Ekster’s exclusive Metro 52 Collection and is made from a uniquely treated type of city-proof leather that combats dirt, stains, and of course, water. It’s a limited-edition item, so get one while you still can.

2. Rugged Aluminum Wallet From Sharkk

With a name like Sharkk, you know that this wallet will fare well in the water. It’s made of aluminum with plastic latches, so it has the durability to match the waterproof protection.

This product more closely resembles a case than a wallet, but the idea is the same. You can store credit or debit cards in any of the seven slots that fan out accordion-style and ensure that no water seeps through the cracks in a worst-case scenario.

The wallet does have a drawback—it can’t hold much cash. But if you rely more on cards in your daily life, this may be the waterproof wallet for you.



3. Tactical Sport Trifold From Columbia


Outdoors adventuring is one of the great joys of life, and Columbia knows how to make rugged gear that keeps you warm and dry against the elements. This tactical trifold does the same thing for your cash and cards, so add it to your list of gear to grab.


It’s a classic wallet design with a modern twist, made from 100% polyester and velcro to ensure your belongings stay safe in any situation. You get six card slots, an ID window, and space for cash in the main compartment.


While it may not be leather, you won’t ever have to worry about this wallet getting damaged in the rain or ruined if you drop it in water.


4. Daybreaker Front Pocket From Wayfinder


Ready to step your game up with a big, strong wallet for international travel?


This legendary billfold wallet from Wayfinder is truly one of a kind and is on a different level in terms of capacity. How many wallets can hold up to 16 cards and multiple boarding passes at once? Yes, it’s that serious!


Waterproof, hydrophobic, and stretch-resistant, this thing just piles on the features while maintaining a sleek, minimal design. It’s the perfect gift for any world traveler, especially those who like to brave the ocean waves.


5. Travel Pouch Neck Wallet From Venture 4th


When the desire for adventure strikes, you need a wallet that’s up for the challenge. Venture 4th is known for their durable designs and quality materials that just don’t quit.


This travel pouch wallet doesn’t look like your typical bifold, but that’s because it’s designed for bigger and better things. It has tons of different compartments and panels for all your essentials and features an adjustable strap that you can wear any way you want.


Plus, you can stick your passport or ID in a designated slot for quick security clearance, which can help speed up your travel process.


A quick note of caution: you will definitely look like a tourist when you wear this wallet around your neck, but that’s fine.


6. Cordura Nylon Trifold From Timberland Pro


This wallet lives up to Timberland’s rugged reputation in a big way and gives you the convenience of a trifold while you navigate any terrain in the world.


It can hold a whopping 13 cards, plus carry all the cash you need to make your way around distant cities and towns on your travels. You also get the benefit of RFID blocking technology that will ward off any electronic pickpocketers trying to steal your info.


For the price, this is one of the best nylon wallets out there and is a great starting point for anyone getting into travel.



7. Runoff Waterproof Bag From Nite Ize


Some wallets are merely water-resistant and can’t be fully submerged. Nite Ize has made a product that truly withstands any situation, even if it’s several feet underwater.


The selling point here is patented Tru Zip technology, which completely seals your belongings in a dry compartment that prevents water or dust from breaching the barrier. With anchor points located throughout, you can attach or mount the bag to any hook point available.


For high-value items like passports and foreign currency, you need some extra defense against the elements, and this bag will keep everything safe and secure no matter what happens.


8. Travel Money Belt From HopSooken


We’ve seen the fanny pack make an unexpected comeback in recent years, but few of them feature as many adaptive features as this power pack from HopSooken.


It’s super-lightweight, and you’ll barely notice it around your waist or over your shoulder; plus, it’s almost impossible to rip or tear thanks to its high-grade nylon exterior. It contains multiple zippers and sturdy buckles that won’t give up under the toughest conditions.


As an added bonus, you get RFID blocking technology and complete waterproof protection, which will defend your valuables from any threats imaginable.


9. Micro Sport Wallet From Pelican


There’s no denying that the clamshell format is superior for waterproof wallets, and Pelican has mastered the art of the seal with this sleek yet strong design.


This product is big enough for all of your cards and cash but slim enough to fit into your pocket as you roam the beach or set out for a deep-sea fishing trip. It pops open easily to reveal dual mesh pockets and closes tight to keep 100% of water and dirt out.


It’s one of the few wallets on the list that is certified crushproof, so don’t worry about it getting accidentally dropped, smashed, or battered on your journeys into the wild.


10. Planbok Floating Wallet From Skog A Kust


Your wallet may end up in the water when bad luck strikes, but this one floats right to the surface and lets you continue your adventures unphased!


It’s a classic bifold design with some hidden compartments for added security and waterproof defense. Cash and cards will remain bone dry when you take this wallet into the pool or ocean, so set your worries aside and enjoy the peace of mind.



Which Should You Choose?


If you’re looking to waterproof your belongings in style, Ekster’s Matte Parliament wallet is your best option. It will keep the content of your wallet safe without sacrificing any of the look and functionality of a high-quality wallet.




  • What are the top-ratWhat are the best options for a waterproof wallet to keep your cash and cards safe in any weather conditions?ed minimalist wallets currently on the market?

    When looking for a waterproof wallet to keep your cash and cards safe in any weather conditions, some great options include wallets made from materials like nylon or PVC that are designed to repel water. Brands like Bellroy, Aqua Quest, and SealLine offer durable and waterproof wallets that are perfect for outdoor activities or rainy days. Additionally, wallets that feature secure closures like zippers or velcro can provide an extra layer of protection against moisture. It's important to look for a wallet with multiple compartments to keep your cash and cards organized and easily accessible. Overall, choosing a waterproof wallet made from high-quality materials and designed for durability will ensure that your valuables stay safe and dry in any weather conditions.


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