Big Wallet Kenergy: Find your Perfect Match


If you're on a quest to surprise the Ken in your life or ready to ignite your inner Kenergy, Ekster has your back with wallets designed to elevate the lives of Kens worldwide. We're all about saving you time and empowering you to conquer the world with unwavering confidence. Feeling a little Ken-fused on where to start? Worry not, as we've prepared the ultimate guide to help you discover your perfect Ekster match.



1. Businessman Ken - The Classic Brown Parliament Wallet

For the business-savvy Kens who effortlessly navigate between important meetings and stylish appearances, our timeless Classic Brown Parliament Wallet is the ideal choice. Crafted from LWG-certified leather, this wallet exudes sophistication and class, just like the businessman Ken it complements.

2. City Slicker Ken - The Classic Black Aluminum Cardholder

Tailor-made for our urban Kens with jam-packed schedules, the space-grade Aluminum Cardholder in Classic Black is a show-stopper. Designed to withstand their fast-paced lifestyle while maintaining a sleek profile, this wallet confidently proves that black is the new pink.

3. Army Ken - The Digital Green Aluminum Cardholder

Made for the stealthy and agile Army Kens, our Digital Green Aluminum Cardholder is the ultimate companion for their daily missions. This wallet blends seamlessly into their lives, offering reliability and style to keep them moving undetected.

4. Astronaut Ken - The Astral Aluminum Cardholder

Adventure awaits our Kens from other galaxies, and the Astral Aluminum Cardholder is their perfect travel companion. With an otherworldly design, this exclusive wallet drop takes you and your mates on a cosmic journey that's simply out of this world.

5. Olympian Ken - The Carbon Fiber Cardholder

Built to match the drive and determination of Olympian Ken, the Carbon Fiber Cardholder is the ultimate partner in his pursuits. Constructed with 3K carbon fiber and boasting a sleek finish, this wallet is a loyal companion that never leaves his side.

6. Beach Ken - The Graphite Cardholder For AirTag

Beach Ken is always on the move, whether it's saving lives or riding the waves. The Graphite AirTag Cardholder is his trusted ally, providing quick access to his cards with the press of a button and ensuring he never loses track of his wallet while living life to the fullest.

7. Environmental Ken - The Earth Recycled Parliament Wallet

For our environmentally-conscious Kens, the Recycled Parliament Wallet is a true friend. Made from vegan leather sourced from recycled materials, including scrapped car windshields, this wallet showcases that sustainability and style can go hand in hand.

8. "Nothing big planned… just a giant blowout party with all the Barbies, and planned choreography, and a bespoke song" Ken - The 18K Gold Cardholder

For the flashy and extravagant Ken, only the best will do. The 18K Gold Cardholder is the ultimate statement piece, blending functionality with pure luxury. With RFID-blocking technology and expandable capacity, this wallet ensures that carrying in style never compromises practicality.


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So, why settle for the mundane? Whether your Ken is a business maestro, a city slicker, a daring astronaut, or an environmentally-conscious soul, Ekster has the perfect wallet to transport him to "Barbie Land.” Just like Barbie's timeless charm and her status as a cherished childhood companion, a well-suited wallet becomes an adult's trusted confidante, journeying through life's adventures side by side.



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