The Best Business Card Holders For Men

In the business world, first impressions count for a lot. Men spend a lot of time, money, and effort on sharpening up their appearance and perfecting social skills so that they can make faster, better connections with the people who matter most.

It’s not a matter of manipulation or sleazy sales tactics—it’s just good common sense. People want to be around others that have their act together, and producing a card front a stylish business card holder is one way of sealing the deal with a simple gesture.

man removing a card holder from leather bi-fold wallet

Research shows that sales increase by an average of 2.5% for every 2000 business cards you hand out. While that may seem like a lot of work for minimal gain, it’s well worth the effort when you crunch the numbers and figure out how much extra cash that really is.

Time to upgrade your business card game, ASAP!

If you’re navigating the business landscape and need a way to easily store and distribute your personal cards, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best business card holders for men right now and some tips you can use to make a strong impression upfront.


Things move fast in the business world, and you can fall behind the curve in the blink of an eye. Some things never change, however, and a leather bifold wallet is the perfect example of a staple accessory that can double as a business card holder.

The design is simple enough—a leather case with plenty of storage for your cash and cards. It folds up and fits in your back pocket, just like it has for countless men in centuries past. Plus, you can store a short stack of business cards in there for good measure. Our leather bifold is easily one of the best business card wallets available for the modern man.

Don’t forget that 72 percent of businesspeople will judge you and your company based on the quality and condition of your business cards, and this holds especially true when dealing with certain demographics in the business world.

If you’re in an old-school industry and trying to climb the ranks in a more traditional organization (think law firms or financial institutions), then a leather bifold wallet is going to be the right move. You may not be able to dish out dozens of cards in one go, but you’ll make a strong impression off the bat, which can go a long way.


You may find yourself at a networking event where you need to dish out a lot of business cards in one day. You can’t go digging around in your pocket for cards and risk roughing up the edges, so a dedicated space for business cards will be your greatest asset in this situation.

With a genuine leather cardholder, you can make that smooth first impression and instantly access your business cards to accompany that firm handshake. Our Senate Cardholder can store a combination of credit cards and business cards. With a slim design perfect for front pockets, it's a great business card holder for men who want quick access to their most important items.

A cool and classy cardholder can also be a great conversation starter, helping you make friends and connections on your journey. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself while you’re out there conquering the business world!

an aluminum cardholder, iPhone, and magnetic keyring on top of an iPad


If you’re a young hotshot on the tech scene or you’re embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, conformity is not your goal. In fact, you want to stand out from the crowd and let everyone know that you’re doing things your own way, and nothing’s going to stop you.

Your business cards should have some unique flair to them, and so should the device you use to store them. An all-metal cardholder will give you a distinct design with more than enough space to keep your cards and more.

Aluminum construction can always come in handy when navigating long business trips and tossing your carry-on luggage around from one place to the next. On these marathon journeys, a bit of extra toughness counts for a lot when searching for the best business card case.


These days, your iPhone is an all-in-one business powerhouse. You’ve got your email, key business applications, and messaging capabilities all in one place—no wonder you never let your phone leave your sight.

You’ve mastered the digital domain with your phone, but what if you could somehow add physical business cards to the mix and get the best of both worlds? With a MagSafe cardholder, you can do exactly that. An excellent business card case for men on the go, you can easily store a handful of business cards and attach them to your phone so they're always available for easy access.


Let’s say you’re typing away on your laptop at a cafe or in a hotel lobby, and your client strolls up announced. Maybe you weren’t prepared, and you could be caught off guard. What if you don’t have your card-carrying case in your pocket? This scenario is entirely possible.

Rather than showing up empty-handed, you can use your laptop sleeve as a backup card carrier and never be without your business cards. Almost everyone carries around their laptop these days, so why not stuff a few cards in a designated slot and always be ready?

The issue is that most laptop sleeves fall short on their feature sets. Maybe they only have one slot for the notebook or a velcro strap to secure a charging cable. That’s not going to cut it in today’s world where the mobile businessperson is all-important.

Track down a laptop sleeve that protects your tech and contains plenty of extra compartments for cords, pens, notepads, and—of course—business cards. This will come in handy at some point, so be sure to have all your bases covered.

man holding trackable wallet in left hand an iPhone in right hand


We’ve all been enamored by the Silicon Valley tech scene for decades, and every young computer whiz wants to be part of that world. Big money, fast cars, and cutthroat competition. That’s the American dream on steroids!

But even in a high-tech world, you need to show up with a business card that fits the times, and your presentation needs to be on point as well. What better way to distribute your cards than with a smart wallet with futuristic capabilities?

With a true smart wallet, you can easily store plenty of business cards, access them quickly with a fast-trigger mechanism, and impress your tech friends with a sleek, minimal design. You can also keep a few credit cards and cash on deck, truly making this one of the best business card holders available.

Don’t be left behind in a world gone digital. Get yourself a smart wallet and make a brilliant first impression, business cards and all.


We may live in the 21st century, but when it comes to business card etiquette, tradition still prevails. Be the guy who effortlessly blends the past, present, and future with a business card holder that never lets you down. Browse our collection of business card holders and more today at Ekster.

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