Can Bifold Wallets Be Slim?

Your wallet is by far your most important accessory. You carry it every day, everywhere you go, and it holds your money, ID, credit card - basically everything you need to exist in the world. At one point or another, most have carried (or are still carrying) a normal bifold wallet. And while these trusty leather flappers have served us well by holding way too many 1$ bills and acting as a place to organize receipts, it just isn’t the vibe anymore.

Nobody wants to carry around a huge brick of wallet that bulges your pockets, houses old gift cards and makes organization impossible. Thankfully, modern wallet design is presenting huge upgrades that help slim down your wallet, get rid of unnecessary bulk (like coins and receipts), and offer modern features. But not everyone wants a wallet that looks like it’s from 2052. For those classics out there, not to fear. There are plenty of leather bifold wallets that are just as slim as modern metal wallets while still maintaining that old-school style.

Person’s hands comparing Ekster Bifold wallet with traditional bifold

The Modular Bifold: Slim Leather Bifold Wallet

The Modular Bifold is the ideal mix of traditional and modern. This slim leather bifold looks like a normal wallet, but offers more and takes up less space. Coming in at just 0.4 inches thick when empty, this is one of the slimmest traditional bifold wallets available. Check the photo above to see just how slim they are compared to a normal bifold.

This wallet can accommodate 12+ cards and 10+ bills with a pocket where bills can be stored flat and additional card slots. But this slim leather bifold wallet has something that sets it apart from the competition. Inside the bifold, you can find an RFID-protected cardholder that attaches magnetically to the rest of the wallet. This allows you to protect your most important cards from wireless theft and when you only need the cardholder, not the whole wallet, it’s as easy as grab-n’-go.

You can even make this slim leather bifold trackable with one of Ekster's Tracker Cards.

Person’s hands holding Ekster Bifold wallet and removable magnetic cardholder to open door

The Parliament: Slim Leather Vertical Wallet

The Parliament Wallet is a step past the traditional bifold design, taking a vertical wallet design that is 4.1 inches tall and also just 0.4 inches thick when empty. You can see exactly how the size compares to normal bifold wallets in the photo at the bottom of the page.

A modern take on the bifold, this slim trigger wallet has a folded flap but doesn’t include a bill pocket. That’s because the inside is saved for an inner aluminum cavity that stores cards in a more organized fashion and protect them from wireless fraud.

The best part? You can easily access cards stored in the aluminum cardholder by pressing a discrete button. This ejects the cards in a smooth, staggered fashion, making it extremely easy to select whichever you need and store the others in one quick motion.

Person’s hand removing credit card from RFID-blocking black Parliament wallet


Whether you’re a die-hard traditionalist or wanting to step your toe into the world of modern wallets, there’s a leather bifold wallet style to fit your need. No matter if you prefer an innovative vertical design or a traditional bifold with a modern twist, we’re here to prove that bifold wallets can be slim and still look like bifold wallets. Discover slim, modern wallets in environmentally-certified leather and vegan leather options. And if you’re feeling even more modern, take a look at our aluminum fast-access trigger wallets (also available in carbon fiber).

RFID-blocking black Parliament wallet lying flat beside bulky bifold wallet


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