An Old School, Classic Black Bifold Wallet with a Modern Touch

When it comes to wallets everyone is familiar with the classic black leather bifold. It’s a standard everyday accessory that you can find in most people’s pockets, and it’s been that way for a while. But like every great design, sometimes it needs a little upgrade. Today, you can find a black leather bifold with modern upgrades, like a slim design and RFID protection, that make it more functional for the 21st century.

Person’s hands holding an iPhone with Chipolo tracking app and Ekster Bifold wallet with tracker card

What is a bifold wallet?

A bifold has two sections that are folded in half, making it much thinner than a trifold or folio wallet. Most bifold wallets hold 2-6 cards in specially designed card slots on the inside of each fold. When unfolded, you can place cash in the money pocket, and some bifold wallets have space for coins. This design of wallet is so popular because it carries every type of currency you may need, from coins and cash to credit and debit cards.

The most common material for bifold wallets is, of course, leather. Leather offers a timeless aesthetic and matches with most other accessories, like watches and briefcases. Black leather bifold wallets have been in vogue for a while and they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

But many black leather bifold wallets are still stuck in the 20th century - they’re altogether too chunky and don’t offer certain modern features that are becoming necessary in today’s world.

Ekster bifold wallet with removable magnetic cardholder

But What Makes a Black Leather Bifold Modern?

The bifold wallet has been a staple of everyday functional fashion for decades, if not centuries. And while the general design of the bifold wallet has remained the same, every now and again it gets an upgrade. Card slots, now ubiquitous in all wallets, only came about in the 1950s when debit and credit came into use. And 70 years later, the way we pay is changing more rapidly than ever.

That’s why we took the black leather bifold wallet and made it slimmer, more stylish, and added some much-needed modern features.

Person’s hands holding Ekster bifold wallet with removable magnetic cardholder

The slimmest black leather bifold

The average black leather bifold looks more like a brick than a minimalist accessory, with way too many pockets that seem designed to accumulate old receipts and gift cards. While most leather bifold wallets come in at around 1 inch thick, Ekster’s black leather bifold is only 0.4 inches thin. Plus, its intelligently minimalist design actively encourages organization so you have everything you need without carrying around extra bulk.

  • Capacity: 12+ cards, 10+ bills
  • Dimensions: 0.4 x 3.2 x 8 in (1.1 x 8.2 x 21.5 cm)
This black leather bifold can be carried comfortably in the back or front pocket thanks to its slim design.

Person’s hands comparing Ekster Bifold wallet with traditional bifold

Black Leather Wallet with Removable Cardholder

With the speed at which modern life moves, versatile accessories are more important than ever. Innovations like water bottles that turn into wine glasses, smartwatches that can make phones calls, and even cars that can charge your house are becoming ubiquitous. That’s why we created this black leather bifold wallet with a modular design.

This classic black leather bifold has a magnetically removable cardholder for when you don’t need the whole wallet.

Person’s hands holding Ekster Bifold wallet and removable magnetic cardholder to open door

This versatile design gives you the option to take the whole wallet or just the cardholder. If you’re wearing a form-fitting suit at a special event and just need a few cards, then go for just the cardholder as it won’t bulge in your pocket. Headed to work and out for errands after? Then simply pop the magnetic cardholder back in and you’ve got everything you need.

What’s more, the magnetic cardholder inside this black leather bifold wallet is RFID protected so your most important cards are safe from wireless theft.

Person’s hand removing a note from Ekster bifold wallet

Genuine Full-grain Black Leather Bifold Wallet

When you purchase a leather wallet from Ekster, you know you’re getting the highest quality and most environmentally-friendly leather available. All our hides are sustainably sourced and naturally tanned to provide the best possible character to your leather goods. Thanks to natural tanning, our leathers form a patina over time. This refers to the inimitable quality of top-tier leather that consists of a certain sheen and smell to the leather.

What’s more, the magnetic cardholder inside this black leather bifold wallet is RFID protected so your most important cards are safe from wireless theft.

ECCO’s new leather tanning technology is the first real step towards a water-free leather-making process. DriTan™ leather saves 20 liters of water per hide which equals 25 million liters of water saved annually. Already this is making a huge difference on the environmental impact that leather production causes and we’re just getting started.

Ekster bifold wallet with removable magnetic cardholder

If you’re on the market for a new black leather bifold wallet, think twice about getting something your dad might have owned in the 50s. Instead, go for a classic black leather bifold with a modern twist. This will give you RFID protection from wireless theft, a versatile design with a magnetically removable inner cardholder, and a slim design that encourages organization.

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