College Graduation Gifts for Him | Took Him Long Enough, Right?

Graduation day is a huge relief for everyone involved. Those getting their diplomas are glad they don’t have to study for any more exams, the professors need to take a well-deserved break from the madness, and parents and loved ones are just happy it’s all over.

As soon as the diploma is presented and your proud grad walks across the stage, you can breathe easy again. It’s time for him to take the next step into the world and find his way. Jobs, apartments, and new relationships await.

With all those new responsibilities around the corner, you should give your grad a gift that will actually help him on his journey! Here are some gift ideas that will make a great impression and make life a bit easier for this new graduate as he steps into the unknown.

The Perfect Young Professional Wallet

New grads have their whole lives ahead of them, and if they have aspirations to join the professional world, they had better be prepared beyond just having a diploma.

In many work environments, looking the part is almost as important as doing great work. Jobs like sales, marketing, and any other customer-facing roles require that we present well in a suit, with all the right accessories to complete the look.

One key component that often goes overlooked is a wallet, more specifically a leather bifold with a classic look both inside and out. You don’t want your recent graduate to be toying around with a nylon and velcro wallet at the bar or dinner table when clients and managers are watching his every move.

First impressions are subtle, and gifting a great leather bifold is a way to give your grad that extra boost of confidence in the professional world.

Key Holder And Tracker, Just In Case

It’s likely that your favorite grad will be moving away from home, whether it’s to a big, bustling city or possibly even to another country. Even if he’s a highly organized young man, he may need a bit of extra help keeping track of his stuff, namely essentials like keys.

Between car keys, gym keys, work keys, and others, a keychain can become a bulky mess in no time. Give your grad a sleek and clean key holder so that they never have to go fumbling around for the right one at the right time. This will save them a lot of time and headaches in the long run.

If you want to bring his keys into the future, tack on a key tracker device that tells him exactly where his keys are on the off-chance they go missing. It’s bound to happen at some point, so give him some peace of mind as he takes a big step forward in life.

You will be the hero of the day when he loses his keys and easily tracks them down thanks to your gift.

Laptop Sleeve For Any Situation

For today’s college grads, a laptop is everything. As your grad enters the workforce, he’ll be using his computer to find jobs, connect with others in his industry, stay in contact with his friends, manage his finances, do creative work, and relax with some TV shows at the end of the day.

If that laptop gets damaged in any way, it could spell big trouble, which is why you should give him a top-tier laptop sleeve that protects his tech from every possible angle. He can navigate the city with ease, not having to worry about his most important possession.

Be wary of flimsy and low-function laptop sleeves—they aren’t all built the same. Find one that comes with extra features like a cable and charger holder and secure magnetic closure, so everything stays put.

Smart Wallet For A Smart Guy

You’ve got to be pretty brainy to earn a college degree, and the grad in your life is ready to flex his intellectual muscles as he enters the workforce. What better way to show you appreciate his bright ideas than by giving him a smart wallet with tons of high-tech features?

Today’s smart wallets look like something out of a spy movie, with the ability to store many cards in a secure slot, then fan them out immediately with the click of a button. They also come with RFID-blocking technology, so hackers can’t access your information with skimming techniques.

College grads know the lay of the land when it comes to fresh tech, so this is a gift that can’t fail.

iPhone Case With Form And Function

It’s well-known that college students are somewhat clumsy with their personal belongings, especially when they’re in party mode. The phone repair shop near your local college campus is always busy for a reason—these kids are always dropping and breaking their phones!

Things won’t magically change when your son, nephew, or friend earns his diploma. He is still going to slip up now and then, and his phone may receive the brunt of the damage.

To protect him from repair fees and long wait times, give him the gift of phone defense with an iPhone case that looks and feels fantastic in the palm of your hand. Throw in a few cool magnetic accessories, and you have a stellar gift that he will love and appreciate for years.

Super Tough Cardholder

Many of us view college as a pretty easy phase of life, but things toughen up quickly when you hit the real world. Your grad could use a cardholder that’s built to take a lot of punishment because life is about to get a bit harder!

Besides, most college grads these days are looking to break the mold of tradition and try out new types of wallets, so this is a great gift that is just out of the ordinary. Your grad can hold over ten cards and strap in a few cash bills in case he needs to pay his way out of a jam.

Ideally, you’ll find an aluminum cardholder made from space-grade material so that your grad’s cards will be protected no matter what happens. This is an awesome gift for an engineering or architecture graduate since they’ll fully appreciate the sleek minimal design.

Can’t-Lose Wallet Tracking Card

When responsibilities start ramping up, we all become more forgetful and leave important things behind, whether it’s a jacket, a phone, or a wallet. For a recent college graduate, losing a wallet can be catastrophic from a psychological and financial perspective.

What can be done to fix this? Just make your grad’s wallet unloseable with a high-powered tracking card! The technology works perfectly and gives you a clear readout of where your wallet was left, no matter where you may be in the world.

Believe us—this gift is going to pay for itself over and over, and you’ll hear “thank you” more times than you can count in years to come.


College graduation is an all-important ritual for us all, and your gift should be both thoughtful and useful to make the most positive impact. Pick any of the above, and you’re golden this grad season.


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