Three years ago, Ekster entered the market as a humble Kickstarter. Fast forward to today, and it’s the world’s largest smart wallet brand. The mission has always been the same: make the perfect wallet, every time. That’s where the Ekster 3.0 comes in.

An iPhone in an Ekster iPhone case, and an Ekster Parliament Wallet are placed on a wooden table. Both are in the color Juniper Green. An N26 card peeks out of the Ekster iPhone case. There are mojitos on the table.

People love Ekster wallets, but there’s always more to do: more features, more colors, better tracking. Every generation of the Ekster is a step towards defending their position as the world’s best smart wallet.

Right from the jump, Ekster wanted to have that wow factor which keeps customers coming back. They achieved this by providing consumers with a sexy, high quality, yet affordable wallet. They acknowledged that a lost wallet was a recurring struggle that people faced, and they wanted to get rid of this issue as a whole by creating a classic trackable smart wallet.

Four Ekster products are presented against a grey concrete background. These are the Ekster Parliament Wallet, the Ekster Senate Cardholder, the Ekster iPhone Case, and the Ekster Secretary Cardholder. They are all in Merlot Red. This pictures showcases the Ekster smart wallets and slim wallets collection.

What gives Ekster an edge over its competitors is its execution of a remarkable blend of simplicity, elegance and an abundance of functions. Its unique cardholder enables you to view all your cards by the click of a button. Its reverse-tracking system ensures that you never misplace your wallet or phone! Ekster wants to provide you with 100% security, and also has an RFID-protection feature that prevents data theft.

After integrating modern technology and great taste to create the world’s slimmest trackable smart wallet, Ekster is back with its third generation which is an enhanced and impeccable version of the previous Ekster Wallets. As time progresses, technology keeps getting better, and it is critical that the products launched in this day and age keep up with that rapid pace. Ekster’s main objective at this point was making it almost impossible to lose your wallet!

This image shows the Ekster Tracker Card, which is solar-powered and works on Chipolo Technology. There are three different views of the tracker, one from each side, and measurements to show how thin it is.

While some of the changes might not be conspicuous, they are designed to give you amplified functionality. The now slimmer tracker works with voice command - compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enabling you to search for your wallet by simply using your voice! Despite being slimmer, the tracker now comes with an extended battery life of two months only after a three-hour sun exposure. To further better its tracker, Ekster has now collaborated with Chipolo, the world’s leading provider of trackers. You will now enjoy a louder ring when separated from your beloved wallet. This robust piece of art also features a QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone subsequently letting you know the exact location of your wallet. Let’s take a moment to thank modern technology and Ekster’s team of experts.

This image shows a woman at a table, holding an Ekster 3.0 Parliament Wallet with an Ekster 3.0 Tracker Card peeking out of it. The Ekster Parliament wallet is Blush Beige. She is also tracking the location of her Ekster Parliament wallet on her iPhone in the other hand.

When you thought it couldn’t get any better - the reverse tracking system allows you to ring your phone merely by pushing a button on your tracker, or ring your tracker using the app on your phone! The Ekster 3.0 comes with increased ringer volume along with a crisp sound nature. If your phone is out of range, nothing to worry about! This tracker is part of a crowd system, and the GPS network spans all across the globe!

If you are a current Ekster user and have decided to upgrade to a 3.0 piece, you will notice that the cardholder, now made from anodized aluminum, shoots smoother and faster than ever before.

Four Ekster products are placed against a stylized green mossy background. These products are the Ekster iPhone Case, the Ekster 3.0 Parliament Wallet, the Ekster 3.0 Senate Cardholder, the Ekster 3.0 Secretary. These are all Juniper Green. This showcases the Ekster 3.0 products.

You’ll also be delighted to know that Ekster has expanded the range of colors they’re offering - Juniper Green, Blush Beige, and Merlot Red. These phenomenal colors were carefully selected to maintain the element of elegance. The leather used now goes through a superior tanning process and features increased scratch resistance.

Thanks to their many supporters, Ekster has become the world’s leading smart wallet company. In three short years, they were able to grow from a team of 3 to 16, going from a dorm room to being in the tech hub of Amsterdam. It seems like the only way to go from here is up.

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