If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we take organization and security very seriously. But what we also take seriously is letting loose and having some fun! We’ve joined forces with the hilarious Youtube Icon, AngryJoeShow, to bring you an AJS Wallet by Ekster that is safe, durable, and has a built in bottle opener. Go on, crack open a cold one.

Person’s hand removing credit card from RFID-blocking black red aluminum cardholder


Our AngryJoeShow Wallet by Ekster is a minimalist aluminum wallet that comes in a rich red color that could rival the cheeks of any intoxicated Irish man. Since Joe is known for his rant reviews, red is the perfect color to reflect his larger-than-life personality. It also happens to be his favorite color and the color of his brand.

This color is in limited stock, so grab one while you can!

RFID-blocking black red aluminum cardholder with Angry Joe bottle opener


The coolest feature of our AngryJoeShow Wallet by Ekster has got to be the built-in bottle opener on the expandable backplate. This is a super handy addition to the accessory that’s always in your pocket, especially since bars have been closed and beers are relegated to the park.

You’ll never again be caught opening your beer with an old lighter, or god forbid, your teeth!

Person’s hands holding liquor and RFID-blocking black red aluminum cardholder x Angry Joe Show collaboration


This is the feature that originally made AngryJoeShow fall in love with our minimalist men's wallets. At the press of a button your cards are ejected in a staggered fashion so you can easily see the entire contents of your wallet at any time. More than that, “it makes you feel like a badass!”, as Joe loves to say.

Get ready to be complimented at every checkout.

Person’s hand removing credit card from RFID-blocking black red aluminum cardholder


The AngryJoeShow Wallet by Ekster helps reduce the bulkiness of your wallet by consolidating everything you need into an ultra-slim design. With space for 12+ cards and a couple bills, this slim metal wallet is perfect for someone who prioritizes carrying cards more than cash or coins.

This RFID aluminum wallet fits perfectly into any pocket and won’t bend or break even if you sit on it everyday.

Side view of red aluminum cardholder


Your head might feel woozy from those 8% IPA’s, but this wallet is always on high alert. The aluminum RFID blocking wallet stops skimmers from stealing important personal and financial information right out of your pocket. With this sort of protection you can walk (or stumble) through the world knowing that your finances and identity are always secure.

Person’s hand removing credit card from RFID-blocking black red aluminum cardholder


Not only is the AngryJoeShow Wallet by Ekster protected from RFID skimmers, but also from the wear and tear of the everyday world. Made from space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the same material used to make rocket ships, this metal wallet can withstand the weight of an average car without denting!

Since physical wallets might soon be a thing of the past, this is the last wallet you’ll ever need to buy.

Don't miss out on the funnest Ekster wallet yet, grab yours today and save 20% off during our Mother's Day Sale!

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