Ekster® x b8ta | A Collab Celebrating Innovation

It’s no secret that Ekster prides itself on being an innovative everyday carry brand. We love to connect with brands that share a similar vision to our core values and in those instances, the ground is fertile for collaborations. The goal? Giving end users the opportunity to improve their daily routines through innovation.

This is what led Ekster into its latest drop with b8ta, a technology company that is changing the way we think about the retail shopping experience. Like Ekster, b8ta was founded with the belief that today’s tech era should improve unimaginative everyday experiences. For Ekster, that change was a new wallet design that led to the creation of the smart wallet. For b8ta, that change was making brick and mortar stores as open as the Internet where consumers could discover exciting new products from the latest technological advances available on the market.

Image showing b8ta's store, which now sells Ekster's trackable wallets

“After a super successful drop with Huckberry®, we couldn't wait another minute to get this b8ta collab off the ground. The reactions so far have been sensational!” - Olivier Momma

If you browse through any of the 13 b8ta locations across the United States, you’ll find groundbreaking items like underwater scooters, flying selfie cameras, portable language translators, and now the most innovative men’s wallet. (b8ta's #1 bestselling item) In celebration of innovation, we just dropped the Limited Edition Ekster® x b8ta Smart Wallet. Only 500 units were produced and they're flying off the shelves quickly. This limited edition RFID secure wallet has a slightly more rugged appearance and a unique front cover design to celebrate the partnership between Ekster and b8ta:

A collage of images showcasing two men, one of whom is using the Ekster travel security wallet. The innovative wallet is also superimposed in the middle of the image, with the b8ta logo alongside Ekster's own.

“Like Ekster, b8ta was founded under the belief that today’s tech era should improve unimaginative everyday experiences.”

In general, the word "tech" gets thrown around a lot these days to the point of it losing a bit of its lustre. There was a point when tech got people excited by the promise of new abilities but nowadays, even your local gas station has a tech shelf full of 'interesting' new products. However, through technology, Ekster and b8ta are showing that our daily lives could be made much more efficient and easier through small meaningful upgrades, like a trackable wallet, or one of the many other carefully curated products b8ta has selected to offer.

Together, Ekster and b8ta are restoring the exciting new tech brings. Come check these limited edition wallets out at one of our 13 locations!

Image of a b8ta salesperson interacting with a b8ta customer.

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