Nowadays, it is not all that unusual to be in Asia one day and in Europe the next. With globalized trade routes, worldwide digital connectivity and economized air travel, people are moving faster and farther than ever before. Those of us who seem to always be on the move, in and out of airports, hotels and rentals, know that minimalism, organization, and efficiency are key. That's why we design our products specifically to keep up with your busy lifestyle, whether you're on the 9 to 6 grind or a professional Freestyle Skier.

Dennis, AKA D-Ran, is a true Austrian Freestyle Skier who's life revolves around the mountains... Literally, as he lives in Innsbruck, nestled between mountains and glaciers. He rose to fame when he created a web-series called Black & White showcasing his talents to the masses. Dennis knows what people and brands want to see and he uses his impact on the ski industry to continue skiing at the highest of levels. Due to his social media reach, he no longer needs to compete frequently and instead focuses on creating the best and coolest content for his followers and sponsors. He too was stoked to join the team and has been a true Ekster ambassador from the get-go

Similarly to Alex, Dennis started skiing at the age of three. Looking up to his heroes Tanner Hall and Sammy Carlson, this "Austrian style machine" has been making waves internationally, consistently pushing the level higher every season. Dennis regularly makes appearances in Freeski movies and has refined his skiing to a combination of "powerhouse trickery and silky smooth move". He masters the sport both in the park and on urban technical features which were part of the reason he landed up in one of Ed Sheeran's music videos.

Dennis Ranalter stylishly soaring through the air at Mt. Hood © Jamie Walter

With an impressive list of sponsors including Atomic Skis, Oneill Sportswear, Dragon Optics, Coal Headwear and Stance Clothing, Dennis too, never leaves the house without the bare essentials and his top of the line skiing gear. He carries the Steel Blue Parliament Wallet + Tracker on a daily basis.

One of the main reasons he switched to a smart wallet was:

“Whenever you travel, there’s always that lingering feeling in the back of your mind that you left something behind. Ekster may not be able to make that feeling go away, but at least now you know that it’s not your wallet or phone!” - Dennis Ranalter

Dennis Ranalter filming at Stubai Prime Park © Kyle Meyr

The things that you won't leave the house without include:

"My iPhone, Ekster Wallet, Snus, Headphones, and my Skateboard" - Dennis Ranalter

One of our favourite shots of Dennis Ranalter at Mt. Hood © Jamie Walter

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