With function must come style. At least that's what we believe at Ekster. Where our products are designed to keep up with your lifestyle, the materials used in combination with the level of craftsmanship involved has put our products in the spotlights for the young working professional as well as the outdoor fanatics. Modern craftsmanship to us means a nuanced mixing of old and new, bringing tradition and innovation together using everything available. While one appreciates the stylish design and smooth texture of the handcrafted wallets, it is the advanced technology packed inside that takes a premium men’s wallet from being a useful fashion accessory to a personalized high-tech juggernaut of comfort and security. That is specifically what sparked the interest of our third Freeski team-member, Thomas.

Originally from Russia and Germany, he now lives and studies in Innsbruck. He’s as much of a driven student as he is addicted to the mountains. He is close friends with Dennis and goes skiing around all of Europe hitting the slopes every chance he gets. With several awards to his name of which his favourites are the “Film of The Year” awards and “Best Cinematography” in the AM Category of the iF3 Film Festival with his Crew "". Thomas’ passion lies in creating quality content. He aims to portray is own personal style through crisp edits and HD shoots which take the web by storm every season. His main goal in his skiing career? “Content Production where I can pursue my own taste and goals within my frames.” He is known as a rising talent in the ski-scene, and someone people should definitely keep a close eye on.

Thomas started carrying Ekster wallets firstly because of their exterior. He fell for the classy design and clean look. Thomas is sponsored by a wide array of top-of-the-line brands that stand for quality as well as style, including brand like Sponsored by: @SagaOuterwear, @SmithOptics, @LineSkis, @MarkerProducts, @gopro. Being a man of fashion and function, he fell in love with the card access feature and mentioned the following when we asked him why he chose Ekster:

“Ekster wallets are super classy looking whilst maintaining high functionality. People constantly stop me to ask me about it and just love to show them the fast card pop up feature.”

Thomas filming at Stubai Zoo Park © Alex Gerni

But what would the Ekster wallet be on the slopes without its life-saving tracking feature? We’ve seen a huge spike in the popularity of our wallets, specifically with trackers, amongst busy athletes and skiers. They're known to live a busy lifestyle and losing something on a mountain usually means never seeing it again. When we asked Thomas about the Tracking feature, this is what he replied:

“You guys really thought of everything when it comes to travel – one of the best features of this trackable wallet is the solar-powered tracking card. I don’t need to worry about chargers or whether they will fit into the sockets in my country of arrival; you don’t need an adaptor for sunshine.”

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