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This is the closest thing to an old-fashioned wallet you’ll see on our shelves. It may look like your dad’s classic wallet, but it’s the farthest thing from it. We took the idea of a bifold and completely reinvented it while still maintaining that tried and true, immediately recognizable shape and design, with a few updates to take it into the future. Meet, The Modular Bifold.

[Pictured above: The Modular Bifold in Caramel]

With its removable magnetic cardholder, this bi-fold modular wallet gives you the freedom to travel light and the ability to carry more than just the essentials.

Modular Bifold
[Pictured above: The Modular Bifold in Black]

Each time we add a new product to our arsenal, we take a painstaking look at how people interact with and feel about their wallets. While the trend towards cardholders and wallet replacements is growing, there is still something inimitable about the allure of a classically designed leather wallet.

We wanted to create a wallet for those who long for the old-school without sacrificing the integration of smart technology that makes us… us!

The design of the Modular Bifold functions around the classic shape that gives it its name - a leather pouch folded once in half along the middle. This is probably the single most used design for wallets in the past 100 years, indicated by how often you’ll see it around.

While most bifolds have a tendency to fill up quickly with random stuff; old receipts, used gift cards, once-important sticky notes, we wanted to create a solution that both gives the user room for extra storage without encouraging hoarding. “Modular” should start to give you a hint towards what makes this bifold so special.

[Pictured above: The Modular Bifold in Brown]

Removable magnetic cardholder

What sets this bifold apart from the others is the removable magnetic cardholder that fits perfectly in the middle. Instead of taking things in and out of your wallet, selecting the right cards for the day and storing the others in some drawer at home, this wallet gives you the ability to customize your daily carry from situation to situation.

This wallet is for those who desire a whole other level of customization. Just running into the store to grab some milk on your way home? Pop the cardholder out of the wallet and leave the rest in your bag. Or are you embarking on a day filled with travel, shopping and work? Then take the whole wallet with you so you have space for more than just the essentials.

But this isn’t the only thing that makes this wallet the ultimate bifold.

[Pictured above: The Modular Bifold in Caramel]

An Ekster wallet wouldn’t be an Ekster wallet without all the smart technology that has become our trademark.

Besides the customizable organization of the Modular Bifold, this wallet is chock-full with special features that take it from none to Top Gun.

[The Modular Bifold can also be paired with a Tracker Card.]


One of the most important things your wallet does for you is keep your personal information safe. When you hear ‘credit card fraud’ or ‘identity theft’ you might not immediately think of your wallet, but rather your computer or cell phone. You may be surprised to hear that even though cyber security and personal protection improve with every passing year, so do the techniques that fraudsters use to steal your info.

One of the less known ways is through something called RFID skimming. This refers to when a thief replicates a point of payment scanner (like the ones at checkout) that is used to read the information off contactless cards with an RFID chip.

To eliminate this possibility, the cardholder is completely RFID-proof so no one can steal your info from behind your back.

[The Modular Bifold with Tracker Card inside and Chipolo app.]


The only thing better than a theft proof wallet is an unlosable wallet. Like all our wallets, the Modular Bifold can be made virtually unlosable with the addition of our signature Tracker Card.

This powerful little piece of technology uses a Global Lost and Found Network to make your bifold trackable across the entire globe.

If your wallet is missing, just open the Chipolo App in your phone and get guided directions to its location. Or even better, just ask Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant to do it for you.

We also added a double-ring feature which allows you to “ring” your wallet with your phone or vice versa. Sometimes having the exact location isn’t enough if it’s marked as in your house but is hiding under a couch cushion. The ring feature causes your tracker card to sound its location so it can be found in even the darkest corners.

[Pictured above: The Modular Bifold in Caramel]


One of the most attractive features of any wallet is it’s material. There’s nothing better than the look and feel of premium leather in your hand and pocket. It oozes that old world class.

Leather is not only fashionable but functional, evident through its centuries-long reign as one of the most popular materials. It’s naturally water-resistant (when properly maintained) and conforms to shape.

What this means for a wallet is that it will naturally take the shape of your pocket or palm over time, much like the way your foot imprints itself into a new pair of shoes.

[A view of how our leather ages over time.]

As it ages, it also gains distinctive marks and settles into a richer color, making each leather wallet entirely unique.

Not only does our leather feel good to the touch, but it feels good in your heart, knowing that the materials used are sourced from the most ethical and environmentally sustainable tanneries in the world.

We work with ECCO leather, which has revolutionized the leather industry by creating transparency at every point of the supply chain. They lead the world in setting standards of good practice with an insistence on animal welfare and positive community impact.

As designers of luxury goods, it’s important for us to lead by example through commiting to only use the best and most environmentally sound materials.

[Comparison between The Modular Bifold and an average bifold wallet.]

If you’re an old school gentleman, or just someone who loves versatility and security, the Modular Bifold has something to offer. It exudes that classic style of a luxury wallet while offering the customization that our ever-evolving lives demand.

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