For some of you, it’s been a while since you got your Ekster tracker, and you’re starting to get used to it. What came to you as a shiny new gadget has now made itself at home amongst your everyday carry, just another way that technology improves your life. There’s a lot you can do with such a small piece of tech, and here are some features which you might not have known about. Time to start making the most of your solar-powered tracker.

1. First, It Lets You Take a Selfie

If you’ve got short arms, you’re in luck here. Your Ekster tracker also serves as a wireless selfie stick, so you can say goodbye to awkward angles and teetering on your toes (or holding a selfie stick, which is about as mortifying). The great thing about this feature is that you’ve got a wide range (around 200 feet!) to step back and take the perfect selfie. All you have to do is pose, open your Chipolo app and choose the Ekster tracker. Then tap the menu in the top right corner to take a selfie with it.

2. Left Your Wallet at Home? Not with this Hidden Feature

This feature’s still in a testing phase, but it’s saved us from many a long drive back home. If you navigate to the settings (three small dots) on your Chipolo app, you’ll find the Chipolo Labs feature. Once you activate this, you’ll be able to turn on In-range and out of range notifications. So if you’re ever about to forget that you left your iPhone charging at your friends, your handy little Ekster tracker will remind you to get it before you go.

3. Track Your Wallet Right from your Home Screen

If you’re familiar with Ekster, you know we’re all about efficiency. That’s why you can actually set up a widget on your home screen to track your wallet, because we know you won’t always have the time to go all the way into the Chipolo app. If you’ve got your tracker set up and connected to your phone, you can also set it up as a widget on your phone’s home screen!

4. Lost Your Wallet? No Problem, Just Call It

Last, but definitely worth the wait: our tracker card is compatible with Google Home, Siri and Alexa. So if you lose your wallet, you don’t even have to open up your phone; just ask your voice assistant to ring it for you. You won’t have to leave your comfy spot on the couch just to find that you’re sitting on your wallet ever again. Read more here.

Bonus feature: Change Your Tracker's Ringtone

These are all ways in which you can get the most out of this powerful little wallet tracker; now you can’t just keep tabs on your wallet, you can also do it in style.

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