How a Trackable Wallet Can Save You Hundreds

Did you know replacing the content of a lost wallet can cost anywhere from $200-$500? We did some calculating. If you add up the cost of replacing a license, credit card, debit card, travel card and the wallet itself, you’ve reached a hefty sum of somewhere between $200 and $500. Not to mention spending an eternity at the DMV waiting for a new license, endless hours on hold with the bank, and a whole score of other annoyances that nobody wants to deal with.

What is a trackable wallet?

Ekster has come up with simple solutions to avoid the inevitable mistakes we all make, so you can ditch the guilt and stop wasting time and money. Two out of every three people have lost or will lose their wallet, but there's a way to reduce those odds. The signature Tracker Card from Ekster is one of the most reliable on the market for two reasons: solar energy and Global Lost and Found networks.

In harnessing the power of nature, we discovered that for this type of technology the sun is the best way to charge a tracker card. Throughout years of testing and tinkering we’ve figured out how to turn two hours of sun into two months of battery, because what’s the point of a Tracker if you have to think about charging it all the time!

Secondly, Global Lost and Found networks. This ingenious technology utilizes connection points via the cellphones of other people to create a network that spans the globe, meaning you can find your wallet even if it is way out of range of your phone.

People using Tracker Cards are far more likely to find lost wallets because they are relying on fool-proof technology, instead of the sometimes (and understandably) faulty human memory.

How can a smart wallet save you money?

Wallets that prevent credit card scanning are another hugely impactful way to prevent theft and save you money. Credit card scanning involves RFID technology that allows your data to be wireless transfered to a machine. If you can scan your card at a store to pay, then someone can scan your card without you knowing. It's as easy as walking past you with a skimming machine, and a thief can have access to your bank account and personal information. This can lead to identify fraud which could mean months or years of hassle, legal bills and a loss of secruity. Ekster's premium leather wallets feature a fool-proof RFID card holder that prevent skimmers from stealing your information, potentially saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Do all smart wallets have RFID protection?

Not all smart wallets have RFID protection. You have to make sure when buying a smart wallet to double check that RFID protection is included. A nice leather wallet is fine, but if you're investing it makes more sense to go for an RFID protected and trackable wallet. Ekster's Aluminum Cardholder is the newest smart trackable wallet that also offers RFID protection. If you prefer a more classic leather wallet but still want the same protection from loss and RFID skimming, try the Modular Bifold or Parliament Wallet.

When your identity, bank account and sense of security is on the line, you want to invest in something you know is going to work. The only way to eliminate the possibility of losing your wallet or having your information stolen by skimmers is to get a trackable RFID protected wallet.

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