9 Best Tips to Stop Losing Your Wallet

Our wallets are an extension of ourselves, so it makes sense that losing it causes pain on a deep level. It’s costly, inconvenient, and instantly stressful. A lost wallet can cause anxiety and anger, even in the more level-headed among us.

If you’re someone who frequently misplaces your wallet or never seems to remember where you last left it, it’s time to make a commitment to finally get organized.

Here are nine great tips to keep better track of your wallet and recover it quickly if lost.

1. Take Organization More Seriously

To stop losing your wallet once and for all, your best first step will be to organize your life to the greatest possible degree. This starts with your space at home.

Clear out any clutter from your main living areas, tidy up your bedroom so that everything has its proper place, and don’t be afraid to send any old and unnecessary items out with the garbage.

If you’ve only got a few essential and meaningful belongings at home, your subconscious mind will have an easier time indexing and tracking everything you own, including your wallet.

When you walk into your place after a day at work or returning from a night out, place your wallet in the same spot on the counter or bedside table each time, and leave nothing to chance.

2. Scale Back The Size Of Your Everyday Carry

Do you find yourself leaving the house juggling a dozen different items every time? Keep it up, and you’re bound to lose something along the way.

Minimize your chances of misplacing your wallet by simply carrying fewer things around with you on a daily basis. The digital camera, the mini boom box, the extra power cables, the bespoke stationery—those don’t have to come with you for every outing.

Despite the trendy images you see online, your everyday carry shouldn’t resemble a mechanic’s toolbox. Just keep a few essentials in your pockets and leave the rest at home.

3. Plan Ahead And Set Reminders

The more of your life that you can pre-set and run on autopilot, the better. You’ll save time, boost efficiency, and reduce the likelihood of losing something important, like your wallet.

Get used to setting alarms and timers throughout the day, so your mind doesn’t wander while working or milling around the house. Be a bit more militant with your approach to life, and you’ll find you’re far less forgetful.

If all of your key items are in the same place every morning, ready to go, you won’t have to think twice about grabbing them and getting out the door. Even if you’re in a half-awake, pre-coffee state, this will train your brain to stay organized when it matters most.

4. Keep A Hidden Emergency Stash

Let’s face it, some of us will try all of the above tips and commit to never losing our wallet again, but we will still end up losing our wallet at some point regardless.

It’s always wise to prepare for the worst-case scenario, which is why you need a backup plan if your wallet does go missing despite your best efforts. This starts by having a hidden stash of cash with you at all times, in case you need a cab ride, cheap hotel, or bite to eat.

Since you’re less likely to lose your phone than your wallet (for many of us, it’s almost surgically attached at this point), you can stick some big bills in your phone case if you have space. At the very least, this may help get you out of a jam.

5. Try A Phone Case Wallet Attachment

Switching up the status quo with different gear never hurts, and everyone has their own unique configuration that helps them stay organized.

For some folks, it’s best if their phone and wallet are one and the same, and a phone case folio can be a lifesaver.

Find a full-fledged wallet add-on for your phone case and enjoy the convenience and certainty of having your cards and cash in the same place as your phone at all times. This gives you one less thing to think about as you go about your life and simplifies your everyday carry.

6. Own A Wallet You Truly Love

Even if your wallet is full of your credit cards and currency, you won’t have much of an incentive to look after it if you don’t like the product itself. A boring, standard bifold made of cheap leather is nothing much to be proud of, so who really cares if you lose it along with a few bucks?

Level up your wallet game, and you’ll find that you’re way less likely to lose track of it. A winning wallet is made from genuine, ethical leather, features handmade craftsmanship, and gains character and charm with time.

With a wallet you really appreciate and admire, it will stay on your mind and in your pocket.

7. Rely On Ringing

On the off-chance your wallet goes missing, you need all the tools at your disposal to track it down quickly and get it back in your possession.

Rather than just wracking your brain and retracing your steps, use modern technology to accelerate the process and get on with your day. Add a tracker to your wallet and make it virtually unlosable.

The best trackers feature a crisp and clear ringing sound that cuts through the noise and guides you in the right direction.

8. Tap into a Global Tracking Network

If you think your wallet has left the building, and you need to level up your tracking strategy, you can leverage powerful GPS technology to give you the exact coordinates of its current location.

This is your chance to live out the Jason Bourne spy fantasy, even if the stakes aren’t quite as high as in the movies. Use your phone to access the network, discover precisely where your phone is, and set out to track it down.

9. Go Hands-Free With Voice-Activated Tracking

When your wallet has gone missing, you want maximum freedom of navigation and discovery. Rather than thumbing around on your phone, you should be able to use voice activation technology to initiate the tracking process and save yourself some valuable time.

Voice-control is the way of the future, so why not make it a part of your smart wallet feature set? Simply issue the command, and you’re well on your way.

The best tracking systems are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you know they’re engineered for accuracy. When your wallet is loaded with cutting edge tech, it’s almost impossible to lose.


Losing your wallet isn’t about bad luck. It’s a result of not being prepared. With a few quick fixes and upgrades, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to keep and track your wallet 100% of the time.

Follow these tips, bring your tech up to speed, and you’ll never let your wallet go missing ever again.





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