How To Put a Tracker On Your Wallet: It's Never Been Easier

Losing your wallet is a simple mistake that causes a cascade of annoying issues. If your license was in it - you can’t drive, if your ID or passport was in it - you can’t travel. Wallet trackers can give you peace of mind if you ever do lose your wallet and help in a pinch when you’re running out the door. (Heads up: It’s in the couch cushions.) Depending on the type of wallet tracker, how to put a tracker on your wallet can vary, but usually, it’s as simple as pairing it with your smartphone. The best wallet trackers sync easily with any phone, offer wide tracking ranges, and boast long battery life. But what is the best wallet tracker? Read on to discover the two best wallet trackers and how easy it is to install a tracker on your wallet.

A man's hands holding a credit card shaped wallet tracker in his left and an iPhone showing a trackable wallet's location in his right.

What is the best wallet tracker? The top 2 options

When it comes to what is the best wallet tracker there are two options: the Tracker Card and the smaller AirTag tracker. You don’t need to be tech-savvy in order to use these discrete trackers. To install a tracker to a wallet you simply sync it with your phone, open the app, and make sure the wallet tracker is fully charged. Both types of wallet trackers can be added to almost any wallet, but you’re better off going with a wallet specifically designed for the tracker to make sure it fits snug and secure. Below you’ll find our highest-rated trackable wallets.

A man's hands holding a slim leather wallet with a wallet tracker in his left hand and an iPhone showing a map in his right hand.

Parliament + Tracker card

The Tracker Card is a credit card-shaped tracker that can either be placed into the card slot of a normal bifold wallet or in the specially designed pocket of The Parliament, a slim leather wallet. This tracker can be synced with any type of smartphone using the Chipolo® app. Once synced, this wallet tracker lets you pinpoint your wallet's location using Bluetooth up to 200 feet and a global lost-and-found network for farther distances. You can even receive separation alerts if you move a certain distance from your wallet. Best of all, this tracker is solar-powered; a couple of hours of sunlight gives your two months of charge. This helps do away with pollutant batteries and lets you avoid another charging cable.

The best wallet to pair with this tracker is The Parliament. This slim leather wallet carries the same amount of cards as a normal leather bifold in a fraction of the space so you aren’t weighed down by your most important accessory. You also have easier access to the contents of your wallet with the pop-up card feature, which definitely helps speed up check out and has an undeniable cool factor.

Shop Parliament Wallets here.

A man's hand holding a slim leather AirTag wallet.

AirTag Leather Wallet + AirTag Tracker

The AirTag tracker allows you to add your wallet to Apple’s Find My ecosystem, so you can track it alongside your other devices. Unfortunately for Android users, this isn’t particularly helpful since they won’t have access to this. For anyone who does have an iOS-compatible smartphone, the AirTag is a great option. It has incredible accuracy when finding your wallet's location, long battery life, offers separation alerts, and handily groups your wallet with other trackable devices into one app. However, because of its design - roughly the shape and size of a watch battery, it can be hard to fit into wallets.

Luckily, this leather AirTag wallet has a specially designed pocket for the tracker so it’s safe and secure. The AirTag Wallet has many of the same features as The Parliament; full-grain leather, fast-access card slots, and a slim design. And thanks to the secure AirTag pocket, you never have to worry about the tracker falling out, rendering your wallet un-trackable.

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A man's hand holding a slim leather AirTag wallet.

How to put a tracker on your wallet: AirTag Wallets

How to put on a tracker on your wallet with AirTag couldn’t be easier. Follow these simple steps to achieve maximum wallet peace of mind.

To begin you’ll need:

    • An iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 or later and two-factor authentication turned on.
    • Both Find My and Bluetooth turned on
    • A strong WiFi or cellular connection
    • Location services turned on

    Set Up Your AirTag:

      1. Remove AirTag from the packaging and remove the tab to release the battery, your AirTag should make a sound.
      2. How the AirTag you want to use for your wallet near your device and press connect on the screen.
      3. Name your AirTag and choose an emoji.
      Tap one.

      How to put the AirTag tracker on your wallet:

        1. Once your AirTag is synced with your phone, take your AirTag wallet and remove it from the packaging.
        2. Locate the pocket on the back of the wallet.

        3. Open the pocket and slide AirTag under the small circular flap so the reflective side is facing out.

        A man's left hand holds a tracker card by Ekster, a credit card shaped tracker for wallets.

        How to install a tracker to a wallet: Wallet Tracker Card

        How to install a tracker to a wallet is just as simple as a Tracker Card. Once you have your Tracker Card and Parliament Wallet, just follow these steps.

        To begin you’ll need:

          • A smartphone with the Chipolo® app downloaded
          • Bluetooth must be turned on and available to pair with new devices
          • A Tracker Card that has been sufficiently charged.

          To Set Up Your Tracker Card:

            1. Open your Chipolo® app and log into your account.
            2. Press and hold the button until the tracker makes a sound. (This may take 20 seconds.)
            3. Click partner products and then select Ekster.
            4. Now you customize the name of your wallet and program Siri commands such as, “Hey Siri, find my wallet.”
            5. Test your Tracker Card by pressing “ring” in the Chipolo® app.

            How to install tracker to wallet:

              1. Once your Tracker Card is synced simply slide it into the back pocket of your wallet.
              2. Enjoy peace of mind and never lose your wallet again!

              A woman's hands, in her left hand is a wallet tracker and in her right is a slim leather trackable wallet.

              Even though 57% of Americans say they return any wallet they find with a phone number or ID inside, it’s not advisable to rely on the kindness of strangers for your most important accessory. Avoid the nightmare of losing your wallet and find it quickly when you’re running out of the door with the best wallet trackers. Get your trackable wallet from Ekster today to try it for 45 days risk-free and enjoy a 1-year warranty.

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