How To Use a Minimalist Wallet To Its Fullest Potential

‘Less’ is certainly the new more, and this can’t be seen anywhere as clearly as in our daily carry. The consolidation of tech from a home phone, fax machine, and computer into just one mobile device is a perfect example of the ways in which our society naturally tries over time to pair things down in order to make our lives easier. And old bifold wallets are going the way of the fax machine - into museums or the trash. You don’t need to be weighed down with a million cards, hundreds of receipts, and a whole book of coupon clippings anymore, thanks to minimalist wallets. Read on to find out what a minimalist wallet is, how to use a minimalist wallet, and why a minimalist wallet should be your new normal.

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Person’s hands comparing Ekster Bifold wallet with traditional bifold


How to Use A Minimalist Wallet: What is it anyway?

The main thing we hear that is stopping people from switching to minimalist wallets is a misconception about what minimalist wallets are in the first place. Many people hear minimalist wallet and think it’s just a normal wallet but smaller and with fewer features and perks. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In our guide to how to use a minimalist wallet, it’s more important to first understand what a minimalist wallet is. A minimalist wallet investigates what we really need a wallet to do and gets rid of any extra fluff that could be taking up space or slowing us down. Instead of tight leather card slots and zipper coin pockets, minimalist wallets organize cards into an easily accessible stack and encourage you to leave coins in your piggie bank at home.

There are 6 main characteristics of a minimalist wallet:

    1. Slim Design
    2. Card-focused Carry
    3. RFID Protection
    4. Fast-Card Access
    5. One-Handed Usage
    6. High-Performance Materials

In combination, these 6 characteristics account for the myriad of ways that minimalist wallets are a huge step forward from the classic bifold. Read on to find out how to use a minimalist wallet to maximize the potential of each characteristic.



Person holding Carbon Fiber Cardholder



How to Use a Minimalist Wallet Like a Boss

Just like any piece of modern gear, you can just use a minimalist wallet, or you can really use a minimalist wallet. Let me explain what this means. Ever heard of iPhone hacks? These are tricks that let you unlock the full potential of your mobile phone for things like shortcuts, security, and usability. Minimalist wallets are the same way. You can use one, but if you don’t know how to fully maximize its potential, you might be missing out.

1. Scrutinize your wallet’s contents

If it’s your first time switching to the minimalist wallet life, you probably still have a bad habit we like to call “over-stuffing”. This is when you feel the need to carry everything you could ever possibly need with you at all times. The first step in how to use a minimalist wallet is to pair down the contents of your wallet.

2. Rank your cards in order of importance

Take everything out of your wallet and separate all the cards into one pile. From here, organize them from most to least important. At the top of the list will be things like your primary debit and credit card, driver’s license and ID, and maybe a gym or travel card. Things at the bottom will be gift cards, loyalty cards, and anything you use less than once a week.

3. Separate Priority Cards from Other Cards

Your priority cards are the top 5-7 cards in your ranking - these are the cards you’re allowed to carry around every day. Collect all your other cards and place them in a secure and organized place at home. Storing them in your old bulky wallet in a drawer at home works perfectly for this. Make sure you keep all your other cards together; since you don’t use them as frequently, you want to be able to find and grab them easily when the time comes.

4. Reduce the amount of cash you carry

There are a lot of reasons why cash is becoming a less and less attractive option for payment in 2022. Not only has its usage been in decline (so much so that many businesses no longer accept it!), but it also comes with some serious security risks. If someone steals your credit card and puts $300 worth of charges on it, you can easily be reimbursed by your bank and cancel the card. But if someone steals $300 worth of cash from you, you’re probably never going to see it again.

5. Go Digital

There are so many physical cards in your wallet that can be digitized. From debit and credit cards with things like Apple Pay to loyalty card apps that allow you to digitize all your loyalty cards and store them on your phone, the need to carry physical cards is essentially a thing of the past. Most digital payment apps are free to download and save up room for anything that can’t be digitized while consolidating anything that can into one place.



Person holding the Parliament wallet and the Ekster laptop sleeve with an iPhone in the other hand


Conclusion: Choosing your minimalist wallet

When it comes to minimalist wallets there are many styles to choose from like a fast-access leather wallet, metal cardholder, or slim bifold. At Ekster, all our wallets are designed to fit the 6 characteristics that make a wallet minimalist as covered above. But here are our top 3 go-to minimalist wallets for anyone looking to smarten up and slim down their everyday carry.



Person holding the Fortuna wallet and Wallet Tracker



Parliament: Slim RFID Leather Wallet with Pop-up Cards

This wallet is our flagship model, loved by thousands of people all over the world. It functions like a vertical bifold with an RFID-protected aluminum cardholder in the middle for your top priority cards. Simply pop your cards into the cardholder, slide them down, and enjoy the fastest access ever at the click of a button. This slim leather RFID wallet holds 1-15 cards (6 in the cardholder) and fits perfectly into any pocket, no matter how small.



The Carbon Fiber cardholder


Carbon Fiber Cardholder: Front Pocket Metal Wallet

This ultra-durable cardholder is made from one of the toughest metals around but remains incredibly lightweight so you’re never weighed down. With space for 1-16 cards, 6 in the cardholder, and up to 10 more in the expandable backplate, this slim metal cardholder walletlets you carry everything you need without adding bulk. RFID protection prevents wireless skimming off your most important cards and pop-up cards give you unprecedented access to the content of your wallet at the click of a button.


Person’s hands holding Ekster Bifold wallet and removable magnetic cardholder to open door

Modular Bifold: The Slimmest Bifold Around

This ingenious design of bifold lets you stick with the classic wallet design without having to deal with the bulk. The slimmest bifold wallet around, the Modular Bifold offers room for 12+ cards and cash in a design that fits perfectly in your front pockets. Inside you will find a magnetically removable cardholder. For times when you just need your priority cards, simply grab the magnetic cardholder, but when you need the whole kit and caboodle, just slap it into place for the whole wallet.


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  • What are the top-rated minimalist wallets currently on the market?

    Some of the top-rated minimalist wallets on the market currently include the Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet, the Ridge Wallet, the Dash Wallets Slim Wallet, and the Herschel Supply Co. Charlie Wallet. These wallets are highly praised for their sleek design, slim profile, and durable materials, making them perfect for those looking to streamline their everyday carry.

  • What is a minimalist wallet?

    A minimalist wallet is a type of wallet designed to reduce bulk and the amount of items you carry with you. Traditional features like thick leather, pockets for various items, and photo slots are replaced with specific compartments for cards and cash1.

    These wallets come in various forms and materials, including classic bifolds that reduce bulk, elegant cardholders for essential items, and even wallets made from advanced materials like titanium23. They focus on fashion, security, functionality, and, of course, minimalism


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