Guide to the Best Slim Wallets for Men

The way we pay is evolving and so are our wallets. As payment technology advances, what a wallet carries and how it performs is markedly different from even a couple of years ago. Big, bulky, bifold wallets are out and the best slim wallets are in. The best slim wallets for men offer modern features like data protection and more minimalist designs that are smaller and sleeker than ever. The advantages of carrying the best slim wallet are data protection, easier access, slimmer design, and higher quality materials. But finding the best thin wallet can be hard, so we simplified it with this guide. Read on to find out which model is the best slim wallet for you.

Ekster card holder and tracker card side by side on a table


Slim wallet, minimalist wallet, thin wallet - all these are terms to describe the new generation of wallets and cardholders that stand out from previous eras for a couple of reasons. As the name immediately implies, the first thing that sets slim wallets apart from other wallets is their size. The best slim wallet is one that fits everything you need to carry into a thin, minimalist body that is usually about half the size of a normal bifold wallet.

Take the Aluminium Cardholder for example. This slim cardholder wallet can carry 1-15 cards and cash while being less than an inch thick. See it for yourself in this photo below.

Thanks to their minimalist design slim wallets are half the size of a normal bifold, making them way easier to carry.

A man's hands holds two wallets. In his left hand he holds an old fashioned thick bifold wallet. In his left hand is a thin wallet from Ekster.


The best slim wallet isn’t qualified purely by size, there are many other features that this new generation of wallets is known for. A minimalist design also comes with added perks in the form of features. With the best thin wallet you can click a button to eject cards from inside the wallet, making it super easy to grab or store whatever you need without digging through tight pockets. The best slim wallets for men also provide data protection for your cards so you don’t need to worry about wireless theft.

Different colors of Ekster's Aluminum Cardholder wallet are lined up on a flat surface. These are slim metal cardholder wallets with pop up cards and data protection.

Best Slim Wallet in Metal: Aluminum Cardholder

Our top pick for the best slim wallet in metal material has got to be the Aluminum Cardholder. This portable sidekick helps you effortlessly organize cards and cash into a slim, metal body that offers unparalleled data protection and one-handed, fast card access. Made from space-grade aluminum it fits 1-15 cards plus some cash and stays thin so you can carry it in your front pocket.

  • Slim, minimalist frame
  • Fits 1-15 cards plus cash
  • Fast access pop-up cards
  • 360º data protection
  • Space-grade metal frame

4 different shades of the Senate Cardholder wallet by Ekster are shown. This is a slim leather cardholder wallet with pop up cards and data protection.

Best Thin Wallet in Leather: Senate Cardholder

The best thin wallet in leather with a cardholder design is the Senate Cardholder. This is a perfect wallet if you’re someone who mainly carries cards and rarely needs to hold lots of cash. Also equipped with fast-card access and full data protection, this cardholder looks simple but has all the modern features you need to move confidently throughout your day.

  • Slim, cardholder design
  • Fits 1-10 cards
  • Fast access pop-up cards
  • 360º data protection
  • Premium, full-grain leather exterior

A man holds a black Ekster Parliament wallet in his right hand. With his left hand he removes a card from the wallet.


If you’re looking for the best slim wallet made from leather with a little more space, the Parliament is the one for you. This is a step up from the Senate with an outer bifold flap that offers two extra card slots and also makes it look more like a classic bifold. But don’t be fooled, this is anything but your Dad’s old wallet. The Parliament comes with data protection and fast-card access and is one of the slimmest smart wallets on the market.

  • Slim leather wallet design
  • Fits 1-12 cards
  • Fast access pop-up cards
  • 360º data protection
  • Premium, full-grain leather exterior with flap

A man holds a green Ekster aluminum cardholder in one hand and removes a card from the wallet with the right hand.

For the Best Slim Wallets for Men, Shop Ekster

To find the best slim wallets and card holders for men, it’s always a good idea to shop with Ekster. We created the slimmest smart wallet ever and have been constantly improving on our designs since then. When you shop with us for the first time you get access to 10% off plus a free cash clip. Then you can try any product for 45 days risk-free and enjoy a 1-year warranty. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of style, function, and slim size, shop Ekster's best thin wallets here.

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