Leather Card Wallets: Minimalist Styles for Every Man

It’s Time For a Wallet Upgrade

If you’ve been carrying around the same old-school bifold wallet for years, it’s time to switch things up. A modern man needs a modern wallet, one that’s both stylish and functional. The best wallets for the fast-paced modern world will save you time and pocket space, all while looking great and lasting long, and Ekster has the best time-saving designs to carry better.

How to Know if A Wallet is High-Quality

When you’re looking for a new wallet, it’s best to keep things minimal. You don’t need something huge to store the essentials. Compact, pocket-friendly design is a must. A modern man can benefit greatly from embracing minimalism in his daily carry because bigger doesn’t always mean better, more and often than not less is more. It’s better to opt for a high-functioning, compact wallet that gets its job done well without taking up more space than it needs to.

Another important thing to consider when wallet shopping is the material. A high-quality wallet should be made from premium leather or vegan leather. Real leather and high-quality vegan leather is a good indicator that a wallet is well-made and will last without getting scuffed or damaged. Even though good products are often an investment, you ultimately end up saving money when you buy a high-quality wallet because it will last much longer than a cheaply made one.

Are You a Purist? Go For a Classic Look, Reinvented

Traditions often stick around for a reason. When it comes to wallets, one design, the bifold, has dominated the market for decades. Chances are, your father and even his father carried a bifold wallet. The bifold design is timeless, but it’s been in need of an update to get it up to speed with modern life. Thanks to Ekster, you can have the best of both worlds, both modern and classic.

A man putting his wallet into his back pocket

Ekster’s Modular Bifold wallet is a perfect combination of traditional and innovative. With a modern twist on the classic bifold design, the Modular is right at home in your minimalist everyday carry. With ample space for cash and cards, the Modular even includes a detachable magnetic cardholder when you need to carry an especially light load. Because protecting your information while on the go is essential, the Modular bifold has RFID-protected card slots. This means you can enjoy the convenience of contactless payments without worrying about identity theft.

Got Your Eyes on The Future? This Wallet is a Game-Changer

If you’re aiming to break tradition and fully embrace the future, Ekster’s Parliament wallet is for you. The Parliament steps away from the old-school bifold design in favor of a layout that is optimal for the fast pace of modern life. The Parliament is exceptionally thin and compact, but it has plenty of storage for both cash and cards. Its card-ejecting system gives you easy access to the card you need at any given moment with the push of a button.

The Parliament is an ideal wallet for anyone who values aesthetic beauty, simplicity, and function. Made out of premium leather, it’s a great-looking accessory that elevates your appearance while serving an indispensable purpose in your day-to-day life. Accessorizing with a great wallet is a huge confidence booster. Like a good watch, a high-quality wallet simplifies your life while improving your look, making you feel more put-together and ready to take on the world.

Need Something Small and Simple? Get a Cardholder

The Senate Cardholder by Ekster is the answer to the question, “How simple and effective can a wallet be?” Taking up an impressively tiny amount of real estate in your pocket compared to many wallets, the Senate simplifies your daily carry and saves you from the embarrassment of overstuffed pockets.

Using the same card ejection system as its cousin, the Parliament wallet, the Senate gives you convenient access to your cards, letting you see them fanned out for quick and easy selection. There’s an easy-to-use multipurpose strap on the Senate that can be used to store bills for when you need cash. Plus, there’s room available for one of Ekster’s smart tracker cards, which makes this little powerhouse wallet unlosable.

A cardholder shows that you mean business and value both aesthetic beauty and efficiency. When simplifying your life is a priority, the Senate is the ideal money storage mechanism for you. It’s professional, classy, and beautifully designed.

The Phone-Wallet Hybrid: A Major Time and Space-Saver

When you want to boil down your daily carry to only the essentials, consolidating multiple items into one makes a huge difference. If you can carry your cards and cash right on the back of your phone, you’re saving time and space. This is where Ekster’s iPhone cases come in handy.

Made for the iPhone 11, X, and XS, Ekster’s cases make storage of your cards and cash convenient and easy, ready to be accessed from the back of your iPhone. This can mean the difference between using up the space of two pockets and narrowing down your storage needs to just one. For the truest minimalists, fewer items to carry is a major victory. If you want to have multiple storage options and carry a wallet in addition to an Ekster case, you’re in luck – the case looks great and doesn’t need to be your primary wallet all the time.

Ekster’s iPhone cases are made from premium leather and are available in multiple colors. If you’re looking to upgrade your style game, pair one with a matching wallet or cardholder. You can alternate your use of each, giving your phone a stylish case that doubles as an excellent plan-b wallet.

Customization Options for Your New Wallet

If you tend to lose your wallet and end up running late, Ekster has you covered. The credit card-sized smart tracker card lets you make your wallet and other pieces of gear impossible to lose. When you choose an Ekster wallet, it’s worth going the extra mile and equipping it with a tracker card. Using one will save you time and the headache of fishing around in your bag and running around the house looking for your misplaced wallet.

You can use a smart tracker card to ring your missing gear from your phone, instantly ending the search for your wallet and getting you back on task. Whenever you leave the house, the tracker card gives you peace of mind, allowing you to access your wallet’s location via GPS if it is stolen or goes missing when you’re out and about.

A man sitting in a chair and taking a card out of his wallet

Another great addition to your wallet is a cash clip. When you travel, it’s essential to maintain a low profile and be discreet with your money. A cash clip is a minimalistic and convenient storage tool that can be used to hold bills or cards. It’s a lifesaver for travel, as well as for anyone in the service industry who leaves work with tips. Whenever it’s wiser to leave your wallet at home for safekeeping, the cash clip is a perfect alternative.

When it comes to customizing your wallet, take advantage of the opportunity to express yourself. A wallet may be a tool, but it’s also a fashion statement and an accessory you should feel proud of. The way you present yourself and what you carry in your pockets can have a huge impact on the impression you make, so a great wallet that you love is worth the investment. All of Ekster’s modern, minimalist wallets are great choices, so enjoy the freedom you have to choose which one is best for you.





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