MagSafe Cardholder: Everything You Need to Know

Interested in trying a MagSafe cardholders? This handy new card-carrying solution is the next evolution of the phone wallet with a pared-down design that doesn’t bulk up your phone’s already large exterior. Anyone with a compatible iPhone can make the change from a normal wallet to a phone wallet, but first, let’s answer some basic questions.

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What are MagSafe Cardholders?

MagSafe cardholder are small cardholders that magnetically attach to the back of compatible iPhones. Named after Apple’s MagSafe technology, these slim cardholders can be easily attached or removed thanks to the power of special, discrete magnets located inside the wallet and your iPhone. Ekster’s MagSafe Cardholder has 3 card slots and space for a little extra cash. Plus, the thumb slot on the back ensures easy access to cards.

Front and back of MagSafe cardholder

Does MagSafe Cardholder fall off?

MagSafe cardholders are specially designed to stay securely fastened to your iPhone but also easy enough to remove. This is possible because instead of using one big magnet MagSafe uses a circle of smaller magnets located in the back of your iPhone. This circle acts as many different anchors to keep the wallet attached and centered yet easy to remove. Ekster’s MagSafe Cardholder uses even stronger magnets than Apple, adding extra security.

Person’s hands holding iphone with MagSafe cardholder on the back and RFID-blocking black aluminum cardholder in front of jeep

Is the MagSafe Cardholder real leather?

Not all MagSafe cardholders are made from leather, it is also possible to find plastic and metal versions. The Ekster MagSafe Compatible Cardholder is made from environmentally-certified ECCO® American Leather, the most water-efficient leather in the world. This high-quality leather looks and feels great, plus it forms a patina over time, gaining distinct characteristics.

MagSafe cardholder attached to iPhone sitting in center car console

Does MagSafe Cardholder affect credit cards?

If you’re worried about whether having magnets in your wallet may affect your debit and credit cards, worry no longer. Not only does Apple ensure that MagSafe products cannot interfere with magnets, but there are also fewer and fewer magnets involved in credit cards. While magnetic strips on credit cards still exist, the way of the world is moving towards contactless transfers or chips. Regardless, the magnets are not strong enough to affect your cards in any way.

MagSafe cardholder attaching to iPhone

Still wondering whether a MagSafe cardholder is right for you? If you carry around lots of cards and cash on a daily basis, then this EDC accessory probably isn’t the best choice for you. But if you’re someone looking to travel lighter and consolidate your belongings, Ekster’s MagSafe Cardholder is the upgrade you need. Ditch the wallet and travel with just your phone, most necessary cards, and a tiny bit of cash. Not only are you getting rid of one item that could be lost and stolen, but you’re also unburdening the load of stuff you carry around in your pocket.

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