Must-Have Back-to-School Tech for Post-Pandemic

It’s finally time to head back to a post-pandemic school season. For many, getting to live in a college dorm and actually attend in-person classes seems like a dream come true, but college life still isn’t going to look exactly as it did before. Staying protected and organized is more important than ever.

1. Contactless card holder that prevents contact with germs

Money is one of the dirtiest things we regularly choose to touch. Some studies reported that the average dollar bill has more bacteria than the average household toilet (yuck!) Many businesses restricted the use of cash or even banned it completely during the pandemic, and this is even more common in countries outside of the US, like China, the UK, and Australia.

Get a minimalist contactless card holder that makes it easier to leave the cash at home in your piggy bank and switch to a card-only lifestyle. Not only does this help keep the bulk in your pockets or bag down, you might actually end up saving money by keeping all your funds in one place. Bye-bye piles of coins and dollar bills, hello streamlined wallet organization.

2. Wallet tracker for your first days on campus

Anyone who has gone off to college knows the excitement, nervousness, and chaos of moving your life out from under your parents roof into the big wide world. Buying the wrong size sheet for your dorm bed, or forgetting to bring any socks with you can easily be remedied, but there are some things that can’t run the risk of a mess up.

Protect your most important belongings with a solar-powered wallet tracker. This powerful piece of technology can be added to any wallet or bag to make it 100% trackable across the whole globe. Stick it in the sun for 3 hours to get 2 months of charge, pair easily with any smartphone and enjoy the ease of knowing that your wallet is utterly unlosable.

3. Keep track of everything with an organizational Key Holder

It’s your first week on campus and you’re being absolutely inundated with new information. You’ve got two or three packets filled with laundry instructions, extracurricular activities, dorm rules, and a million other things you’re struggling to keep track of.

Your keys shouldn’t be one of them. The Ekster Key Holder helps organize keys into a seamless, silent stack so you can be organized and efficient. It also has a built-in LED light to help navigate in the dark.

4. Never lose your keys with the Key Tracker

Losing your keys isn’t only annoying and inconvenient, it can be pretty embarrassing. Noone wants to end up at the college administration desk when you’ve been locked out of your brand new dorm. Not to mention the costs of replacing keys.

If you're someone who regularly loses their keys or wants to be protected if they ever do, this is the gadget for you. Never again will you have to sheepishly call Mom and Dad, explaining that you’re locked out of your car and apartment. The Ekster Key Tracker uses a global lost-and-found network to track your keys no matter where they are in the world. Easily pair with your smartphone for voice-activated directions.

5. Protect your laptop with a durable sleeve

Becoming an adult means being responsible for your things. Mom and Dad might not be as willing to replace your laptop if you spill a large iced coffee on it this time. Better to invest in a protective and stylish laptop or tablet sleeve to keep your tech looking and functioning at top capacity for as long as possible!

The Ekster Laptop Sleeve has organizational pockets for everything you need for class - laptop, charger, AirPods, mouse, and notebook. Plus it has special hidden pockets for valuables like a passport or extra cash. The interior is made of ultra-soft microfiber that prevents your laptop from getting bumps or scratches. The exterior is made of durable canvas and leather that looks as good as it performs.

Whatever your back to school may look like this year, step back into your education with the ease and protection you need. Head over to to shop the whole collection.

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